Viewers fear for three Albert Square residents after car crash

Who has carked it in the fish and chip shop?

Well, we knew after Monday’s episode of EastEnders, that drama was well and truly on the cards.

No, we’re not talking about the controversy about it snowing in Albert Square when it was sunny everywhere else.

We’re actually talking about the edge-of-seat scene where Michelle Fowler was revealed to have been having a secret affair with teenager Preston.

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But if Monday’s cliffhanger was a shocker, then last night’s ep left us gasping for breath.

Once a tipsy Michelle Fowler had pulled herself together after being humiliated in the Queen Vic, she  jumped in her car to track down her teen lover.

Luckily for her, it didn’t take her long.

No sooner had she passed under the bridge and on to the road where Ian’s fish and chip shop is and she’d miraculously found him.

But due to her alcohol consumption and intake of sleeping pills, her mind wasn’t on the road and she almost ended up knocking him over.

Thankfully, her skills at driving meant she was able to avoid running him down and killing him – like so many people have in that very same spot. (Remember when Martin ran over Jamie on that fateful Christmas Day all those years ago?)

Instead, she ploughed through the front of the fish and chip shop where Kush and Kathy were hanging out.

The final scene left viewers wondering whether or not any of our favourite characters had survived!

Michelle was unconscious and Kush and Kathy were lost in the wreckage somewhere.

Viewers, who seemed to have gotten over the weather controversy in Monday’s episode, were fast to post messages of concerns that their favourite characters had been cruelly killed off unexpectedly.

“#EASTENDERS WAS SO GOOD, I HOPE KUSH IS OKAY,” obviously forgetting to turn off CAPS LOCK.

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Another anxious viewer shared the worry about Kush: “I’m not one to keep up with #EastEnders but since I’ve been watching it recently, Kush better be alright stg.”

A third said: “OMG I hope Kush isn’t dead in EastEnders.”

To find out what happens next, you’ll just have to tune in to Thursday’s episode of EastEnders.