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Viewers extremely baffled by ‘real life mermaids’ on This Morning

We're all lost for words

Just when ITV viewers thought they had seen it all, This Morning went and brought some ‘real life mermaids’ on the show and it baffled everyone.

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield looked a little confused themselves as they questioned three people on their decision to become mermaids.

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The mermaids’ tails cost thousands of pounds (Credit: ITV)

Well, it’s a mermaid club where people can pay to learn how to swim like one of the mystical creatures and shell out a lot of money for the privilege.

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Grace, Jessica and Siki were wheeled onto the set because they were already in the mermaid tails and couldn’t walk, and they explained why they love the mermaid life.

Grace said: “Most little girls and boys want to be mermaids when they grow up so it just grew from the love from that.”

Jessica admitted she didn’t go looking for the mermaid course as she “stumbled into it” online.

The two ladies said the course costs £800 and when you take part you receive a diving qualification and your own mermaid photoshoot.

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Phil and Holly looked baffled themselves (Credit: ITV)

Jessica said: “You get a certificate to say you are officially a mermaid.”

But it’s not just the cost of the course that will set you back some dosh if you want to be a professional mermaid.

Merman Siki admitted the tail is the most expensive bit: “It depends on what you want from your tail but it is around £1,700. It can be much more expensive than that, especially in America.”

Grace admitted that she spent a whopping £2,500 on her tail, which is custom made to fit her perfectly.

Viewers were so baffled by the whole interview, they took to Twitter to air their dismay and confusion.

One viewer tweeted: “Heard it all. Learn how to be a mermaid & take a course….& the tail could be yours for just £1700. #bargain.”

Credit: Twitter
The trio explained how they became ‘real life mermaids’ (Credit: Twitter)

Another said: “There’s a course to become a mermaid…???? Errr what?”

A third said: “I’ve seen it all now! Real life mermaids?! No wonder I don’t usually watch daytime television.”

“Wouldn’t you just love to so rich that you can waste your life pretending to be a mermaid?” said a fourth.

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A fifth viewer said: “Its just a fantasy. Its just diving. U r professional divers in a tail. Mermaids are not real. and either are unicorns.”

Maybe we can expect to see some real life unicorns on This Morning next week?

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