This Morning viewers divided by woman who breastfeeds her FIVE-year-old

It was a controversial topic

This Morning viewers have been left shocked by a women who breastfeeds her five-year-old daughter.

While some believed it was a completely natural act and praised her, others felt it was just too old and the child was being lined up for bullying.

Sophie Mei Lin and her partner Chris Hale joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield for the sofa discussion on Thursday, admitting they sleep in separate beds so Sophie can continue to breastfeed.

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They have two daughters, Jasmine is five and Ariana is two. Both are still breastfed. Sophie admitted she has had mental health problems in the past and that breastfeeding is something that keeps her “anchored” so she can spend quality time with her children.

Sophie said that at first breastfeeding didn’t come naturally and she’d even bought loads of formula to feed her new baby.

And she also said it “wasn’t part of the plan” to still be breastfeeding Jasmine at five-years-old.

“I always go with the flow with parenting and what my girls need. Ariana feeds eight to ten times a day and night, and Jasmine just feeds at nighttime to get to sleep.”

When asked whether the girls can sleep through without it, Chris admitted they sleep through the night fine when Sophie isn’t there to breastfeed them, but when she’s there “it’s association. They’re drawn to her.”

The hosts quizzed Sophie on whether she does it for the kids or for herself and she responded: “It’s definitely for them.

“At the moment I get so tired, like today, I just wanted to have a bit of time today, but Ariana was grabbing at my top and stuff.

“But as all mothers know we’re just doing what’s best for our babies and kids and go along with whatever.”

When asked about the negative reaction, Chris admitted it did hurt: “I feel sorry for mothers whatever choice they make they’re judged.

“You do what’s right for your family, for your kids and everyone involved. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.”

Viewers certainly wanted their opinions to be heard as they flocked to Twitter to express their feelings on the matter.

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Sophie also admitted she felt her choices were private and not anyone else’s business, which got some viewers’ goats.

But others were on Sophie’s side and thought she was just doing the right thing for her kids.

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