Viewers “disgusted” as Linda Nolan gets cancer test results on Loose Women

It was a step too far for some

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Fans of Loose Women have been left with a bad taste in their mouth after Monday’s show when Linda Nolan had cameras following her to receive her cancer test results.

Viewers have seen Linda document her struggles in a series of video diaries over the last week, and today she had a crew with her at her hospital appointment.

The good news is the results showed her cancer hasn’t spread, but that didn’t stop fans sharing their outrage at the segment on Twitter, with many branding it “disgusting”.

The 58-year-old went for the crucial scan and was seen crying as the oncologist told her the disease hadn’t spread.

“The scan is good – we are pleased about it,” the doctor revealed.

Linda got emotional as she said she could now start planning for the future and booking holidays because the news the cancer hasn’t spread has given her some more time.

She then appeared on Loose Women with her sisters Coleen and Maureen to talk about the results.

Although the news was good, the singer still has to have scans every three months.

“My final message to cancer – you’re dealing with a tough cookie and I’m going to fight it all the way.”

Keen to get back to work, wanting to tour and currently working on her autobiography, Linda is looking to the future.

But viewers weren’t impressed at all with the coverage of the hospital appointment and scan reveal.

While many fans expressed their upset at the content, some were full of praise for brave Linda’s plight.

They also shared their thoughts on Twitter, impressed by how “strong” and “brave” she is.