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EastEnders viewers convinced soap’s worst ever villain is back in Albert Square

This could just be the most sensational soap return in history

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EastEnders might just have pulled off the most sensational storyline of the year – if viewers’ frenzied speculation about Thursday night’s instalment proves to be true.

At the end of the episode we saw a mystery figure leave some flowers on the Square, ostensibly as a tribute to Steven – after spying on Ian and Kathy Beale.

The bouquet of lilies was accompanied by a note that read: “Kathy, Thinking of you, Always. An old friend xx”

Who delivered the flowers? (Credit: BBC)

In isolation, it’s not that creepy a gesture.

But earlier, we watched as Fi – as we so far know her as – confirmed that Josh is her brother. That was after he called her ‘Sophie’…

Fi/Sophie with Josh – if he IS called that (Credit: BBC)

They had a cryptic conversation about a plan in place tomorrow, which involves their father.

Josh – if that is his real name – wanted to pull out of what we can only assume is a nefarious family ‘happening’ to support Lauren at Steven’s funeral.

But ‘Fi’ was insistent, because their father was looking forward, adding: “All is in hand.”

She, you may recall, told Mick her dad was dead – as well as her mum.

Sleuth soap fans were quick to come up with some pretty compelling conspiracy theories – namely that Fi/Sophie is the daughter of James Wilmott-Brown.

A bad blast from the past? (Credit: BBC)

In 1988 the posh some-time owner of the Queen Vic raped Kathy Beale – and he had a daughter named Sophie. And a son named Luke…

JWB raped Kathy (Credit: BBC)

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He was eventually sent down for the attack.

Many viewers are now convinced that he is back – and behind the plan to bring the residents of Albert Square to their knees.

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Far fetched it may be, but he is certainly a credible candidate for someone wanting to carry out such an act of vengeance.

We’re beside ourselves with excitement for how this up-to-now confusing plot will play out – and how Max Branning has come to be embroiled in it!

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