This Morning fans shocked as woman reveals she was filmed by police officer in helicopter while sunbathing

Tracy Dixon was recorded naked in her back garden with her three children

Tracy Dixon appeared on Tuesday’s This Morning to reveal that she was filmed sunbathing naked in her garden by a “sex-obsessed” cop in a helicopter.

Tracy was left feeling “sick and humiliated” after discovering from West Yorkshire police that her privacy had been invaded by one of their officers.

Adrian Pogmore, 51, used a hi-tech camera to zoom in on Tracy’s genitalia as she and her three daughters, who were also seen in bikinis in the tapes, sunbathed in the garden of their family home.

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Pogmore pleaded guilty to the charges at Sheffield Crown Court last month and was jailed for a year last week.

It’s believed that Pogmore filmed naked sunbathers and a couple having sex from his force’s £2million helicopter.

Speaking on This Morning about her ordeal, Tracy said: “The footage was taken in 2007 from the family home we shared. It came to the police’s attention in 2015.

“I got a phone call from South Yorkshire police who said they needed to see me about an incident.”

She continued: “Funnily enough when they came they started asking questions with regards to a helicopter and I immediately said ‘are they videoing me’. I knew before they spoke.

“They were over my house for a couple of years, three or four times a week but I thought I was on some sort of flight path.”

She went on to tell hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that she was sunbathing naked with her three children who were 18, 15 and eight-years-old at the time.

Speaking about her choice to sunbath naked the former page 3 model continued: “My children choose not to do anything like that and it was my private garden.

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone filming in my garden let alone South Yorkshire police while on duty.”

“They did say that the expert said the pilot had to know what he was hovering over to have to make the manoeuvre.

“They would hover, not always directly above me, but if I thought they were doing that I would have covered up,” she added.

Tracy was only shown one tape but believes there are more out there and that it wasn’t just a one off.

It was said that Pogmore wiped away tears as Judge Peter Kelson QC said: “There was a period of five years when you spied on and recorded naked people from the helicopter at 1,000ft.

“Quite literally you considered yourself to be above the law. Nobody is above the law.”

This Morning fans watching from home were in complete shock.

Some were confused at Tracy’s choice to sunbathe naked in front of her teenage children.

One tweeted: “Don’t understand why she was naked with her TEENAGE children. Surely that’s wrong too! She looks like she loves the attention.”

Another added: “Sunbathing naked with her 18 year old child, all righty then.”

A third wrote: “Sunbathing naked with a 15 & 18 year old. Ehh.”

“She was sunbathing naked with her kids? Am I hearing that right? Who wants to see their own mum naked,” a fourth said.

Another agreed: “Why would you sunbathe naked with your two kids next to you?!

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Meanwhile other viewers were quick to defend Tracy.

One said: “Why can’t she sunbathe naked?”

“Tracy Dixon doesn’t have to justify herself in any way whatsoever,” another user added.

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