Emmerdale viewers call for unpopular newcomer to get the boot

He's wrecking their hopes for the soap

It doesn’t look like it’s shaping up to be a very merry Christmas for Robert Sugden as he was struck by a car in tonight’s episode, leaving fans worried.

The hit and run was the icing on the cake for what was a pretty rubbish day for Robert.

Robert was having a bad day… (Credit: ITV)

First of all, he was left smarting as ex-wife Chrissie refused to pass on the presents Robert had bought for baby Seb’s first Christmas.

Then he was left reeling as Aaron turned him down in front of a packed pub.

Robert had been drowning his sorrows after being shot down by the Whites, and became jealous as he spotted his ex and his new fella, Dr Alex, in the pub.

A drunken Robert approached Aaron with a present for him before slating Alex and trying to make Aaron remember their happier times together.

And it was about to get worse after a session with Doug (Credit: ITV)

He then made a clumsy attempt to get Aaron back, before Chas told him to leave.

Robert then headed out of the pub, yelled at a toy sheep and stumbled down a dark path – right into the path of an oncoming van.

He managed to swerve it, only to be hit by a car that was following. That rumoured dream-like episode on Christmas Day is starting to make sense, now.

Fans are not enjoying Alex (Credit: ITV)

He’d better survive as fans are rooting for him and Aaron to get back together – and they are even more desperate for the young doctor, Alex, the man currently standing between Robron and a reunion, to get lost…

While it all looked pretty much over for Robron, fans also worried about another of their favourite Emmerdale ships as Moira discovered Cain was behind Adam’s murder ‘confession’.

After paying an emotional visit to her son, who told police he killed Emma Barton to protect his mum, Adam let slip that the confession had been Cain’s idea.

Adam pointed out that he was only facing a manslaughter charge, while Moira would be looking at murder, then he refused to back down.

A furious Moira turned on Cain, throwing him out of her house and telling him she’d kill him next. A Coira reunion is looking pretty far off. Sob.

Fans also jumped in to predict a romance between Adam’s wife, Victoria, and Ross Barton as the pair had a heart to heart about Adam’s actions.

Could this be the birth of Rictoria?

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