Viewers brand Piers Morgan “brutal” over interview with convicted killer

No-nonsense news man made the US felon cry

In the first episode of Piers Morgan’s brand new show Killer Women the presenter met Rebecca Fenton, who has been convicted of murdering her husband Larry.

The Good Morning Britain host travelled to Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida to look into the case and speak to Rebecca.

But during the one-hour long episode Piers told Rebecca, who has been sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder, that her own mother believes she did commit the crime.

Rebecca has been sentenced to life for murdering her husband (Credit: ITV)

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Throughout the show viewers were able to get an insight into the day Larry was killed and were completely convinced Rebecca was guilty of the crime.

Near the end of their interview Piers told Rebecca that her biological mother, Karen, believed she was guilty.

This resulted in Rebecca breaking down in tears and in completely disbelief that Piers was telling the truth.

Piers, 52, said: “Your biological mother Karen told us that she thinks you did do it.

“What’s your reaction to that?”

A shocked Rebecca replied: “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that and I’m not sure I believe you. She’s never led me to believe that. I don’t believe you.”

Piers was slammed for telling Rebecca that her mother believed she is guilty (Credit: ITV)

Piers, who couldn’t decided whether Rebecca was guilty or not, hit back saying: “Well I’m not lying!”

And his comments definitely hit Rebecca hard as she burst into tears.

Viewers were left shocked at his “brutal” remarks and slammed Piers on Twitter.

One wrote: “@piersmorgan little brutal telling Rebecca her mother thinks she’s a murderer.. coming from a mother who neglected her duties!”

Another said: “@piersmorgan what a snitch #KillerWomen.”

“I think that was very low @piersmorgan, telling her that her Mother thinks she killed her husband #KillerWomen,” a third tweeted.

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Meanwhile on next week’s episode Piers will meet 20-year-old Amber Wright who is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend Seath Jackson when she was just 15.

It’s believed that Amber and a group of friends planned to murder teenager Seath, who was also 15.

Seath was beaten and shot before his corpse was burnt and thrown in a quarry in 2011.

Amber decided to end his life after wanting to be with another boy.

Piers is set to interview Amber in the next episode (Credit: ITV)

Detective Rhonda Stroop told the journalist: “She’s manipulative, she’s diabolical. She is the most dangerous 15-year-old I’ve ever encountered.”

In the five-part series Piers will interview a different prisoner each episode.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the show Piers explained: “They had prison officers in there [the room], who were armed, but it was unsettling. It’s intimidating: it’s designed to be.”

Killer Women with Piers Morgan continues June 29 at 9pm.