Viewers brand Liam Payne “boring” after TV interview as a solo star

The 1D star failed to impress Graham's viewers

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He may be a hot to trot talented young pop star, but Liam Payne failed to impress viewers when he appeared on Graham Norton’s chat show last night.

While he has had people dancing in the street to his new single Strip That Down, he found it a lot harder to keep viewers entertained.

Viewers said that they found Liam Payne a little dull on the show (Credit: BBC)

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In fact, as the show aired, fans of the hilarious show were quick to take to social media to moan about the fact he was so dull.

One unimpressed telly watcher said: “If you ever think you might be a boring person, be thankful you’re not Liam Payne.”

Another sniped: “Liam Payne has the personalty of someone who grew up surrounded by a bunch of grown ups who were paid to be there.”

A third critic said: “Tried to find a gif of Liam Payne’s personality but there wasn’t one of wet cardboard!”

Speaking on the show, Liam once again talked about his son Bear and revealed that he had become a dab hand at nappy changing. He also shared a story in which he recalled Bear spraying Cheryl with wee.

Liam performed his song Strip That Down on Graham Norton (Credit: BBC)

“I was there at the birth and it was amazing and then I was left in charge – I’d never changed a nappy before I met Bear and all went well brilliantly until five in the morning, Bear wakes up and Cheryl changes his nappy – there was […] wee everywhere!”

He also told a story about how he went to say hello to Jay Z and had his security man shove him to one side.

Liam revealed that baby Bear peed all over Cheryl when she was changing his nappy (Credit: Instagram)

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He also let slip that before he met Cheryl’s dad he decided it was time to chuck out his childhood dinosaur collection in the bin

He said he reckoned it would have been too embarrassing for him to have his life-sized toys lying around the garden whenever his in laws came around.

“My missus was pregnant and I was meeting her dad for the first time so I thought I had better get rid of the life sized model dinosaurs I had in my garden,” he said.

“I‘d bought them drunkenly off the internet!”

Of course if Liam had been clever, he could have just kept them and assured her dad that they would make for great toys for when Bear gets older.

Silly boy!