Viewers brand Dawson’s Creek star RUDE in awkward This Morning chat

James Van Der Beek was not impressed with their trip down memory lane

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had one of their most awkward interviews ever, thanks to American TV star James Van Der Beek.

The actor – who had made his name playing the lead in huge hit 90s drama Dawson’s Creek – appeared on This Morning. But it seemed like he wasn’t too keen on reliving his glory days.

Before introducing the forty-year-old, Phillip introduced a montage of photos from the show, and described how many of his co-stars – such as Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams – had gone on to huge Hollywood Oscar-nominated success.

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The final image was a photo of James as heartthrob Dawson Leery back in 1998, over which Phil said: “What happened to the main man Mr James Van Der Beek? Well, he’s here now and THAT’S what he looks like.”

As cameras cut to James on the This Morning sofa, he didn’t seem too pleased by the introduction and swiftly said: “I have been on television in the last 20 years, just to let you know.”

While Phil tried to recover, Holly spoke about how excited she was to have him in the studio, as watching Dawson’s Creek had been such a part of her youth. But as the pair asked him questions about his time on the series, James seemed keen to change the subject.

The interview got even more awkward as Phil questioned James on how it had been to play a 15 year old on TV when in fact he was 20 years old in real life.

“From what I can remember…it was a long time ago, yeah,” he said.

“I would not imagine I would be sitting in front of a picture from 20 years ago.”

He seemed stunned as Phillip asked if he ever would have imagined people would still be discussing Dawson’s Creek now, rambling “No, no, er, it’s just, er, no!”

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And he also admitted he’d been thrown by hearing the old theme tune back stage and had never actually watched the show himself as it was easier to just “let it go”.

Dad-of-four James seemed much more keen to talk about his new TV series, Carters Get Rich. But he did also say that he was thankful to Dawson’s Creek, as working on the show had taught him “all kinds of things”.

“I wouldn’t change anything,” he said. “It changed my life, it was a huge opportunity. I learnt how to be on camera, how to do celebrity. It was a huge break.

“But it’s like they’re playing the music backstage…what year is it?!”

Viewers weren’t impressed with the cringeworthy interview, commenting on how awkward it was and branding James RUDE.

“Why is James Van Der Beek so touchy and doesn’t want to talk about Dawson’s Creek?! It made you famous, love  #ThisMorning,” said one, while others added “Very very awkward interview just then #ThisMorning” and “Is it just me or is this guy really rude #Thismorning.”

And one fan had clearly had her hopes dashed, as she tweeted “James Van Der Beek was definitely NOT impressed with the #DawsonsCreek flashback on #ThisMorning. Hopes dashed for a reunion.”

Although a couple of people were on the actor’s side, tweeting “Soooort of have to agree with @vanderjames on that one Holly and Phil, slightly awkward link @thismorning” and a different account added: “@vanderjames has never looked better, what a babe!”