One Born Every Minute viewers “bored” by latest series

People weren't happy waiting to see a birth

One More Every Minute viewers are not happy with the latest series of the show.

It’s the 10th run for the documentary giving us an insight into the maternity unit at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and it has people complaining about how there aren’t enough births.

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On Tuesday’s episode, viewers had to wait nearly the full hour to see a birth.

Of course, the frustrated people at home couldn’t help but vent their issues on the “boring” series.

One said: “So disappointed in this series so far of #OBEM why is it so slow? 15 mins left and no babies born, its boring me”.

Another said: “#OneBornEveryMinute #obem what’s happened to all the births?! So disappointed with this series.”

“Obem is abit slow tonight…”, a third moaned.

“40 minutes left of #OneBornEveryMinute and all we’ve heard is life stories,” they wrote. “GET ON WITH IT.”

The episode followed expectant mums Sammy and Louise and revealed their emotional stories.

Louise kept everybody entertained with her colourful language, and at one point shouted: “My Mary’s on fire!”

She had a beautiful baby girl called Lily, who weighed 6lbs 6oz.

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“It’s taken us six years to get to where we are today. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, two rounds of IVF and we’re finally here,” she said.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous. Holding the baby for the first time will mean everything to me, especially with Andy by my side as well.”

Louise said that every time she hears a woman screaming in labour, she grabs her privates and jokes: “Argh! My Mary!”

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