Viewers blast EastEnders for Stacey storyline

Fans weren't happy with the show

Friday’s EastEnders had viewers in uproar after social services arrived to take away Stacey Fowler’s children.

It had all started after Carmel Kazmei found bruises on her grandson Arthur’s arms, and had jumped to the conclusion Stace was hurting the little one.

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This was seemingly confirmed by Stacey’s eldest daughter, Lily, who told Carmel her mummy was the one who gave Arthur the bruises.

Instead of looking into the claims of a seven-year-old who’s clearly jealous of her little brother, Carmel immediately called social services and reported a child at risk.

It did look like she was starting to regret her actions as she spoke to Lily again the next day and Carm even tried to let social services know she’d made a mistake.

But it was too late – they were already at the door, arriving during the Fowlers’ evening meal with Carmel and Kush.

As the social worker told Stacey they’d have to place the children in the care of a friend or relative overnight while they investigated, Stace at first lost her temper.

Carmel jumped in and offered to take the kids for the night and although Stacey agreed, she was absolutely distraught at the idea that her babies were being taken away from her, and broke down sobbing in Martin’s arms.

Fans were outraged at the scenes – insisting the soap was portraying social services in a bad light and that they would never remove a child from it’s family on the basis of one anonymous tip-off and without having investigated.

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It remains to be seen how long the kids will be in Carmel’s care – or whether Stacey will find out who reported her.

We wouldn’t like to be in Carmel’s shoes when she does, though.

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