EastEnders viewers believe they’ve worked out who will die

The clues are there....

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So last night was the episode when Albert Square was rocked by a gas explosion.

Only the bang was more of a whimper and fans took to social media to express their disappointment at the lacklustre disaster.

But that didn’t stop them getting caught up in speculating about who is going to die in the following episodes that detail the aftermath of the explosion.

In last night’s episode, Jane Beale found out about Max Branning’s revenge plot, which, viewers reckon, could mean she might be up for the chop.

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Wily Jane discovered Max’s plot after she found out that Steven was lying about his brain tumour and that he was having an affair with his girlfriend Lauren’s sister Abi.

Demanding that he meet her in the restaurant, Jane said to Max: “You hate this place and everyone who lives here.

“I was going to ask you what the hell you were up to, but I don’t need to, do I? All this is revenge on anyone who has done you wrong. Us, Jack, your own daughter.”

Fans were thrilled that Albert Square’s amateur detective had finally been rumbled, but they feared that she had set herself up for a killing.

“Jane is defo gonna die cause she knows about Max,” tweeted one viewer.

Another said: “I really hope not but I think it’ll be Jane who dies this week.”

“They’re gonna kill Jane,” added a third.

A fourth added: “So Jane confronts Abi, Steven and Max as she’s guessed the truth but not told Ian or Lauren. Guess who’s dead now.”

However, one other viewer suggested that Steven might be killed, which makes a lot of sense as  actor Aaron Sidwell quit the show weeks ago to join the cast of Wicked.

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Others said that because there are so many suggestions in the show that Jane will die, they are merely red herrings.

Catch EastEnders tonight to see what happens next.

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