Viewers beg This Morning to give guest a full-time job after Rylan tracks him down

Rylan tracked down the mystery guest after last week's plea to viewers

This Morning viewers have fallen in love after Rylan Clark-Neal managed to track down the man behind a series of sultry train announcements.

You may remember that last week Rylan issued a plea for someone to find out the true identity of who he dubbed the ‘Barry White Train Man’ – a mystery man who keeps passengers on the DLR in London enthralled with his incredible voice.

Well, it worked and Rylan introduced Jacob to viewers on Wednesday.

Jacob said he found out This Morning wanted to track him down after colleagues and passengers heard Rylan’s message and told him about it.

He’s become famous among DLR passengers for his smooth voice and sultry messages, often signed off, “Oh, yeahhhh.”

One example is telling passengers: “The stop is soon approaching, so grab yourself something tasty to eat. Maybe grab yourself a smooth, delicious hot chocolate. Oh, yeahhhh.”

Holly Willoughby was in total awe of Jacob’s voice!

“You have the most incredible voice!” she gushed. “I didn’t think you talked like that all the time, I thought you saved it for announcements! But this is how you speak!”

Jacob said: “I guess so, it just comes natural.”

A seriously impressed Holly told Jacob he should be doing voiceover work or movie trailers, while Phil said Jacob had to return to This Morning soon.

They gave him the task of announcing the rest of the day’s schedule – and viewers were soon on social media pleading with the show to give Jacob a full-time job!

Others said Jacob should get a job narrating Sat-Nav directions, while some simply wanted Jacob to narrate their life.

Get in line!

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Come on This Morning, you heard ’em! Bring Jacob back!

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am.

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