This Morning viewers enthralled by Winston Churchill’s World War II typist Joy Hunter

How incredible was she?!

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This Morning viewers have pleaded with the show to give one of today’s guests more airtime after she captivated Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield with her memories of World War II.

Joy Hunter, 92, was a typist who worked with Sir Winston Churchill in the underground Cabinet War Rooms during WW2.

And she fascinated viewers on Wednesday’s show with enthralling stories of working with the iconic Prime Minister.

Joy explained to Holly and Phil: “I was War Cabinet staff, not Number 10.

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“The way I normally met or saw him was in the corridor and he would always stop and speak and say good morning or good afternoon. We’d say, good morning Mr Churchill, good morning Prime Minister.

“Certainly the civilians, I think, found him affable. I know people have other ideas and experiences with him, but we found him very affable.

“If there was a raid, he would say, ‘Was your house affected? How is your family?’ Not a long conversation, but he always spoke to us while others walked past without saying anything.”

Joy also shared a fabulous anecdote about how Churchill once organised a movie night.

“One of the rooms was set up as a sort of cinema, very ordinary, nothing grand, and the word went round he was going to watch a film that night, which I believe he loved doing.

“We were asked, ‘Would any of us like to join him?’ Some of us thought we would – we would rather have gone to bed, really! It was twelve o’clock at night in a 24-hour shift. So it was a long day and then on duty the next day, but we sat and waited. And waited.

“And all of a sudden, the doors burst open, he strode in wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown, cigar in one hand, glass in the other and shouted something like, ‘Winnie’s here! Let it roll!”

Joy revealed that she was one of the team that helped type up the orders for D-Day.

Recalling where she was when the war ended, she said: “I was working. We were given the day off afterwards, I think, or were told we would have a day off when the news broke.

“But in actual fact, because I had got into the habit of going to work, I arrived at the office and one of the staff said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing here!’ I expect he was rather cross he’d got to be there.

“So I then suddenly realised I shouldn’t have gone to work that day! I had to go back the next day, of course.”

Joy explained that her parents had gone to the palace that day and she managed to meet up with them there, despite the huge crowds that had gathered.

She also spoke about her experiences after the war, and how she visited Hitler’s Chancellery and took away a piece of his broken desk.

Joy brought pieces from Hitler’s desk with her to the This Morning studio, saying: “We went into the Chancellery, always under the supervision of the Russians, of course, and managed to pick a few pieces up.”

Viewers were absolutely enthralled with Joy’s stories – and sharp mind at 92 years old – and begged This Morning to get her back on air for another chat.

Others said they could have listened to Joy for the whole two-hour show!


Joy was on the show ahead of the release on a new movie about Winston Churchill called Darkest Hour.

The role of Churchill is taken by Gary Oldman, who completely transformed his appearance.

Recalling her initial meeting with Gary, Joy laughed: “The amazing thing was, when I met him in the Cabinet War Rooms, I thought, ‘He can’t be doing Churchill as he’s such a different looking person: medium build, beard, glasses, looks ordinary’.

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“And while he was talking to me, in the back of my head, I was thinking, ‘How on earth could he possibly play Churchill?’

“Then later on in the evening when I saw the film, I just thought, ‘How on earth have they got him to look like that?!'”

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