Viewers astonished by Little Mix’s behaviour on LIVE TV!

Were they or were they not....? That is the question viewers were asking...

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Who hasn’t turned up to work after a wild night out on the tiles, still feeling a little tipsy?

Yeah, of course we all have. It’s what we do, right?

And celebs, of course, do it too. Only they tend to do it on the telly.

This morning  Sunday Brunch viewers were left wondering if Little Mix beauty Jesy Nelson was still p*ssed as a newt after a night out as she bumbled her way through a live interview.

In fairness to the make-up loving songstress, she had come clean and revealed that she and Perrie Edwards had been out no the lash the night before, but admitted that she felt “right as rain to be fair.”

But as the show continued, it was clear that lovely Jesy was either hungover or still under the influence.

Not only did she find it hard to remember whether or not she had eaten, she then went onto make a right pig’s ear of cutting a baguette.

A simple task , we agree. But as she shakily grabbed a knife and cut into a fresh baguette, the Little Mixer managed to hack away at it like it was the hardest thing in the world.

Keen eyed viewers were fast to notice her merry state and most were actually tickled by Jesy’s funny behaviour.

One viewer called @TerriLeigh1991 said: ‘Watching Sunday Brunch and realising Jesy is all of us after a night out.

While another telly watched, @The_Roof_is_ was equally amused, tweeting: ‘Little Mix Jesy still drunk? She’s bloody hilarious!

Meanwhile Abi_Louise96 said seeing a drunk Little Mix “made me love them even more”, while Shane Rooney thought the girls were “hilarious”

Alan Pollock said” “Painful TV. Sunday Brunch would have been brave and sensible to cancel Little Mix rather than let them embarrass themselves drunk! Pathetic.”

Oh what a silly man! It was all fun and we loved the girls being relaxed and silly on the show.

But while we were amused by the girls alcohol-fuelled revelry, Jesy made no mention about what is goign with her fiance Jack Roche.

This week it was reported that she had stopped following the Rixton frontman on Instagram and had been spotted no wearing her ring.

While it was believed things were not all well in their relationship, Jesy told The Idolator she and her man are still planning for a wedding.

When asked if the nuptials were happening soon, she explained that the engagement wasn’t actually about getting married straight away.

“It’s funny, because when my fiancé proposed to me, he’d never done it like, ‘We’re getting married tomorrow.’ He felt like when he called me his girlfriend, it wasn’t enough,”she said.

“He felt like it really undermined our relationship, and he loved the fact that – I don’t know, he loved the fact that he can say I’m his fiancée instead of just girlfriend, and I love that. I think it’s really sweet.”

Jesy also admitted that her big day would be after she and Jake took time out to see the world.

“We’re in no rush. We want to travel the world together,” she revealed. “There’s so much we want to do together and at the moment we’re focused on our own careers so there just isn’t time. We’re literally in no rush.

“I think when we know, we’ll know, and we’ll do it, and [it will] probably be really intimate, hardly any people there. We’re very much in love, and we’ll do it when we feel the time is right.”

So why is Jes not wearing her ring? Who knows, but we reckon it probably has something to do with the fact that the girls have an album out this week. And as they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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