Viewers appalled by Jeremy Kyle guests’ utterly weird game of truth or dare

It involved the male groping his girfriend's mum...

It doesn’t take much to horrify Jeremy Kyle viewers.

After all, the talk show prides itself on showcasing some of the most revolting family disputes telly viewers have ever seen.

In fact, the likes of Take A Break and Chat magazines must watch in awe as grotesque families wash their dirty linen in public.

But today’s particular story caused a massive reaction among viewers, almost more so than the now legendary ‘who left the poo in the fridge’ episode!

Today’s guests were show veteran Nathan and Kim who were back on for double lie detector tests after she admitted she had deliberately failed one of the questions the previous time she was on.

Kim and Nathan came on the show to find out the truth, but the audience couldn’t handle the truth they heard (Credit: ITV)

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Kim also wanted to know if  Nathan had committed “revenge sex” but admitted that the relationship would be alright as long as he hadn’t done anything more sexual than a grope.

So far so Jeremy Kyle.

But as the show progressed, things took a turn for the worse.

When it came to opening the results of the lie detector test, Jeremy’s face was a picture of shock!

Looking at Kim and Nathan in the eye and then at Kim’s mum, who had also joined them on stage, he tried to compose himself before he started to read out some information that would stun and appal the audience.

Kim told the audience why her fella had groped her mum (Credit: ITV)

“Last night Nathan admitted that after a few drinks in the hotel he had sexual contact…” he began, clearly preparing to drop a bombshell.

Then, in true soap opera style, he suddenly pointed at Kim’s mum and said: “Last night Nathan admitted that after a few drinks in the hotel he had sexual contact… with you!”

Nathan admitted straight away what had happened – that he had put his hands under her top and groped her boobs.

While the audience gasped, viewers at home dropped their breakfast and Jeremy dropped his jaw in shock, Kim hastily tried to explain why it had happened.

Only her explanation didn’t make things sound any better.

She said that her fella groping her had all been part of a game of “truth or dare”, which didn’t sit with anyone all that well either.

In fact many thought it was a bit weird.

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Some couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

One said: I don’t remember playing truth or dare like this…”

Another commented: “Right I’m off to the old people’s home with a bottle tequila, see if anyone wants to play truth or dare.”

A third wrote: “I truly think they will stop playing Truth Or Dare and start playing spin the bottle.”

Unsurprisingly, both Kim and Nathan failed the lie detector and Jezza “lost the will to live”. As did the audience!