Viewers appalled as Vic Reeves ‘FLASHES’ Susanna Reid in interview

The joke didn't work for everyone

Comic Relief viewers were left shocked by an “offensive” and “embarrassing” sketch in which Vic Reeves flashed at Susanna Reid.

Aired before the watershed, the sketch involved comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer – in the guise of their alter egos Donald and Davy Stott – interviewing the Good Morning Britain host.

But Susanna got more than she bargained for, as Vic – wearing a kilt – appeared to flash his privates at her.

After Bob had asked her a host of cringe-worthy questions, including whether she would use a sock or a £10 note if she ran out of toilet paper, Vic went on to ask her if she had seen the Tom Hiddleston film Kong.

It was then that – in a Sharon Stone Basic Instinct style move – Vic uncrossed his legs and gave the shocked presenter an eyeful.

Quizzing her about the movie, Vic said: “Have you seen Kong? It’s out there. It’s quite long, have you seen it?”

“It’s very long and heavy at the end with a twist in the middle and at the beginning there’s a couple of little clackers,” he joked. “It’s quite hairy at the beginning. You’ll probably miss it.”

Susanna – who looked stunned, with her hand over her eyes – quipped back: “I don’t think I’m missing anything right now. I’m just trying to keep my eyes above this line.”

While the three stars looked to be having a giggle, viewers were less impressed. Taking to Twitter, they branded the sketch offensive, cringe-worthy and embarrassing.

“Bad sound, bad jokes, and now flashing and a very uncomfortable Susanna Reid? This is awful and offensive. #comicrelief” said one. While another added: “#comicrelief poor Susanna Reid. How do you wipe your bum and do you put your pants on backwards. Just rude and embarrassing.”

Viewers were also confused as to how Vic and Bob could get away with their antics pre-watershed, while singer Ed Sheeran had revealed he’d been told not to talk about rape on screen while discussing a film on street kids in Africa.

“So Ed Sheeran can’t mention rape before the watershed but Vic Reeves is allowed to expose himself? #comicrelief” questioned one viewer.

Comedian Vic later tweeted a picture of the ‘penis’ in question – which turned out to be a plastic toy doll’s leg hanging from a piece of string – and admitted that the sight gag was meant to be for Susanna’s eyes only.

“This is what Susanna Reid was supposed to see. No one else. #comicrelief” he said.

Other parts of the night’s epic telethon also came in for criticism.

Viewers slammed the show for airing a ‘Biscuit World Cup’ – complete with a table full of huge piles of the sweet treats – straight after a clip of a baby dying of starvation in Liberia.

And Russell Brand’s stint as host was also slated, thanks to a host of technical difficulties and comedy from some new stand-ups which failed to raise a titter.

Thankfully, despite all this, the charity did raise plenty of money for good causes at home and in Africa – racking up an incredible record-breaking £71.3m on the night.