Viewers appalled as Keith Lemon insults teen girl on The One Show

The comedian compared her tanned appearance to a "hot dog"

Keith Lemon isn’t known for his tact – and his latest shocking move was to insult teenage guest on The One Show.

The controversial TV personality made a quip about the teen’s appearance, mocking her fake tan.

Lily Herbert, 17, and her father Gordon had filmed a segment about new driving test rules, before appearing in the studio together. Keith and fellow comedian Paddy McGuinness were also guests on the programme.

“She looks nice, doesn’t she?” began Keith. “She looks nice in the VT and she looks nice in real life. Have you been on holiday?”

“A fake one, yeah,” she replied.

“You’re a nice colour,” said Keith. “Like a hot dog in a denim jacket. I like hot dogs. I like your eyebrows.”

Viewers were quick to react. “Well, #KeithLemon was quite rude to that female guest on @BBCTheOneShow @MissAlexJones,” wrote one.

Lily herself seemed to take it in good jest. “Loved getting roasted tonight by @lemontwittor on the BBC One Show tonight,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thanks babe.”

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Keith and Paddy caused further chaos in the studio during the discussion about driving tests.

Paddy pretended to storm off the set after learning that new drivers would have to prove they can use satellite navigation.

“Did you say they’ve brought a satnav into it,” he asked. “They’re dumbing it down a lot.

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“Young people watching the show now… back in the day, when I had a test at school, we didn’t use calculators.

“I can hear the Xboxes dropping as I say that – but you had to use this thing called your brain back in the day.”

Hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones were in hysterics, and Matt tried to change the subject. “So, what was your first car?” he asked Keith.

Paddy then pretended that the whole thing was too much. “Thank you! I’m off!” he said, singing The One Show theme tune as he stood up.

He and Keith are promoting The Keith & Paddy Picture Show, in which various celebrities will join them in recreating scenes from famous movies – including Michelle Keegan dressed as Princess Leia.