Viewers accuse Let’s Sing And Dance contestants of being drunk!

TV couple's performance left viewers wondering

We loved them on Gogglebox, and Steph and Dom Parker certainly caused another stir when they tried to show off their singing and dancing abilities on TV over the weekend.

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The pair, who are best known for swigging booze on the TV-watching telly show, were appearing on charity show Let’s Sing And Dance For Comic Relief.

But fans weren’t all that impressed.

Taking to the stage as Cher and Meat Loaf, the reality TV stars left fans at home dumbstruck as they thundered chaotically through a rendition of the classic rock song Real Dead Ringer For Love.

While a handful seemed to love their haphazard routine, others wondered whether the couple had had a few drinks before hitting the stage.

One commented “Is Dom drunk?”, while another said, “How drunk do they sound?!”

Another couch potato said of the couple, who were decked out in wigs and leathers, “Wouldn’t be surprised if they did this drunk, lol”.

But while there was a fair bit of criticism not everyone seemed to be concerned by their dubious state of sobriety.

Some actually enjoyed the jaw-dropping telly car crash!

“I’ve no idea who these people are who are murdering ‘Dead Ringer For Love’,” one Tweeter said. “But I’m strangely drawn to them”

Another added: “Steph and Dom were beyond awful, but that was so funny that I don’t care”.

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Sadly for Steph and Dom, their performance on the show failed to tickle viewers at home enough to encourage to vote them into the top three and so failed to make it through to the final.