Viewers accuse Big Brother of being fixed

Viewers thought the wrong girl went

Big Brother… Are you still watching it?

Well, someone must be because this week the show – which has seen its ratings reach an all time low as it gets walloped by ITV juggernaut Love Island –  has been hit by a “fix” accusation.

Last night, housemate Savannah (blond, Northern Irish, had a past fling with Justin Bieber, if you’re not watching it) was booted out of the house after all the housemates were put up for eviction following Lotan Carter’s sudden departure at the start of the week.

Savannah was evicted last night even though she was not the least popular in early polls (credit: Channel 5)

But even though she wasn’t all that popular, fans were up in arms because earlier on in the week, released voting figures suggested she was doing okay.

Big Brother revealed voting percentages mid-week (no doubt to drum up some interest in the flagging show).

Trouble maker Isabelle Warburton was least popular with 35.6% of the vote and was way ahead of everyone else.

Hannah Agboola was behind on 13.1% while Savannah had just 12.97%.

Two days later it was all change and Savannah was evicted with 36.3% of the vote while Isabelle survived with 26.9%.

Isabelle had led the polls going into the live eviction but was saved at the last minute (Credit: C5)

BB fans were shocked and sniffed a stinky rat and took to social media to brand the result a fix, complaining that in the two days after releasing the first set of figures, Isabelle had practically been edited out of the show.

“Quelle surprise. #BBIsabelle has fallen from 36% AFTER #bbuk released the figures. Well done producers, you have managed to fix things again,” one angry so-and-so posted.

Another raged: “You edited her out most of the time damn fix #bbuk.”

“Vote was probably fixed but eh, Savannah brought nothing to the show. Admit it. #bbuk,” said a third.

Savannah said she was glad to be out of the house (Credit: C5)

However, the general consensus was that as pretty as she was Savannah had brought very little to the show, branding her “boring” and moaning that she “never got involved in drama”.

Once out of the house, Sav seemed happy to put the show behind her.

“I am relieved,” she said. “I was happy to go, it was very intense, much more intense than I thought it would be. There was a massive divide.

“The pot was boiling from the second we walked in there.”

However, she warned she thinks its could become even more volatile in the house.

“Everybody is trying to get along, but there is other stuff, like knit picking going on underneath and I don’t think it’s going to be long until there is another eruption.”

Sav said she was on Isabelle’s side when it all kicked off with evicted Lotan (credit: C5)

Savannah also said that she took Isabelle’s side during her angry confrontation with Lotan Carter, which led to his removal.

“Issy is younger, she was in the right with the Lotan thing,” she told Emma, adding, “But there were times when you couldn’t speak to her, she was so hostile. So I found her unreasonable at times.”

Meanwhile in a desperate attempt to claw back viewers from Love Island, BB producers sent four new housemates into the house, just as Love Island dropped a whole load of sexy young things into the villa over on ITV.

But the BB ones weren’t that new as they had already been snubbed by the viewing public earlier on the launch night of the show.

Four previously rejected wannabes entered the house last night (credit: C5)

Andrew Cruickshanks, Sue Evans, and Simone Reed had initially been up to enter the house as the people’s housemate, but were ditched when viewers decided they’d like to see Tom enter the instead.

And Sam Chaloner almost became a housemate last week when he joined Savannah and Isabelle for a game that resulted in the girls joining the house.