Victoria Beckham shares hilarious pics of Harper playing with Spice Girls dolls

Guess who's her favourite...

Most kids, when they reach a certain age, are embarrassed by their parents – but happily, it seems that Harper Beckham hasn’t got to that stage yet.

The six-year-old seems to be a huge fan of her mum’s old band, the Spice Girls – if new pictures posted to Victoria’s Instagram Stories page are anything to go by.

The cute snaps show little Harper playing with miniature versions of the five singers, complete with the outfits that defined them back in the day.

So there’s a mini Baby Spice in her pink nightie, a Sporty Spice in her tracksuit, a Scary Spice in her leopard-print trouser suit, a Ginger Spice in that iconic Union Jack dress – and, of course, mum (aka Posh) in her black cocktail dress.

In one pic, Harper lines up the five dolls, perhaps working out which Spice Girl she’d like to be (Credit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram)

A caption on one of the photos – “When u find out mummy was a pop star!!” – seems to suggest that Harper has only just got wind of the fact that Victoria was in a famous band.

And that’s not really surprising considering Mrs Beckham doesn’t seem to have much to do with her old mates these days.

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Earlier this year, The Sun claimed that the 43-year-old had threatened legal action against Geri Horner (formerly Halliwell), Emma Bunton and Mel B, to stop them performing classic Spice Girls hits under their new name, GEM.

However, Victoria vehemently denied the claims, with one of her representatives telling the Mail Online: “No legal letter was sent. This is a fabrication by The Sun and this story is now being handled legally by Victoria’s lawyer.”

Victoria seems to like this particular picture. Wonder why! (Credit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram)

Perhaps tellingly, all the Spice Girls dolls are still intact in the pictures, suggesting that Victoria hasn’t torn any limbs off or ruined anyone’s costume.

Anyway, little Harper – who recently celebrated her sixth birthday at a tea party at Buckingham Palace – seems oblivious to any disputes as she plays contentedly with the dolls. And that’s the way it should be.

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Saying that, in another pic – which is emblazoned with the Spice Girls song title “Spice up your life!” – the youngest of Victoria’s four children apparently favours two of the miniatures, with the other three cast aside.

The two she chooses? Baby Spice and… Mummy. Altogether now – zig-a-zig ahhhhhh.