Victoria and David Beckham spark child safety debate with Instagram post

The video drew criticism and praise

Health and safety gone mad, or simple common sense?

Fans were debating the line between the two after Victoria Beckham uploaded a controversial video to Instagram earlier today.

The short clip, filmed in arty black and white, shows husband David driving what looks like a golf cart with six-year-old daughter Harper perched on his knees.

Harper also appears to be steering, and turns to the camera multiple times to flash a toothy grin.

Victoria’s controversial post (Credit: Instagram)

Many fans weren’t sure the mega-star family were setting a sensible example to others, with one writing: “Take that down before social services come to take your child for negligence and endangerment in the US.”

Another commented: “Anybody else and this wud b appalling putting a child at the wheel of a car.”

Harper seemed to be enjoying herself (Credit: Instagram)

A third user simply wrote: “Not a very smart thing to do guys” with a thumbs-down emoji afterwards.

However, not everyone was as critical, with others joining the debate to praise what they saw as a cute family moment.

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One person commented: “What’s wrong with some people this is a lovely Dad and Daughter moment. She is with her Dad who would never let any harm come to her.”

Another supporter wrote: “What a touching moment between father and daughter. Thanks for sharing!”

The six-year-old kept both hands on the wheel (Credit: Instagram)

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The family have jetted off to Miami to ring in the New Year, marking a rare occasion when David, Victoria and all four of their kids get to spend time together.