Vicky Pattison will get married next year, according to her gran

What a blabbermouth!

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This week Vicky Pattison proudly appeared on the cover of OK! magazine announcing she was engaged to her handsome businessman boyfriend John Noble.

In the interview, she said that they planned to wed sometime next year however she didn’t reveal when.

But it looks like her blabbermouth gran has let slip the date.

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Speaking to the Chronicle Mavis Birdsey has revealed that her granddaughter is planning to get hitched next July when her own 66th wedding anniversary to Vicky’s grandad falls.

Discussing Vicky’s happy news, Mavis revealed that another granddaughter, Louise, is getting hitched this weekend and had planned it to fall around Mavis and David’s 65th anniversary.

She added that it was a lovely gesture that Vicky is planning to do the same next year.

Meanwhile, not that Vicky or John asked for any advice on how to maintain a strong relationship, Mavis has offered some anyway.

“It’s about give and take. There’s never been a boss between us, ” she says. “We always tend to agree on everything but if we don’t, we talk through it.

“I don’t believe anyone who has been married for 65 years who says they’ve never had a row. I say they’re either a liar or not normal.”

“My advice to Vicky would be not to squabble over the little silly things. Life is just too short.”

Speaking to OK! Vicky, who met John eight years ago, lost touch and then were reunited last year, revealed that when her beau presented her with her stunning 3.6-carat marquise-cut diamond ring, she burst into tears.

“I was spending a few days at John’s house, which is just outside Newcastle and surrounded by lovely countryside. One morning he suggested we take his dog Roxie out for a walk.

“After a while we stopped for a sit down on a bench overlooking some lovely scenery. I was playing with Roxie when she shook her head and got slobber all over my face. When I wiped it away, John was in front of me on one knee.

“I couldn’t believe it, I burst into tears. I said yes and then I looked at the ring and I was blown away, it was amazing.”

The engagement came as a shock to Vicky as she had convinced herself that John was going to dump her

“In the days leading up to the proposal I was convinced that he was about to break up with me!” she said.

“We’d had a difficult few weeks because I had been really busy with work and couldn’t make it to see him.

“I was hoping he would come to see me [in Essex] but he kept saying he had too much on.

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“It was so out of character for him that I started panicking, thinking he was going to finish things with me.

“I was crying to all my friends all the time and arguing with him on the phone because I was so sure he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

“It’s weird, because the day before he proposed I was on Lorraine and she said live on air that he’d better ask me to marry him soon!”

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