Vicky Pattison says she’s now a ‘strong, healthy, realistic woman’ after her past ‘obsession’ with the scales

And she's also totes Team Cake...

In an Instagram post that will strike a chord with a lot of women, former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has opened up about her body-image issues, and how she was once obsessed with her weight.

But not anymore…

Sharing a series of pics of her changing bod, the I’m A Celeb star didn’t hold back as she revealed she was once ‘unfit’, ‘unhealthy’ and ‘unhappy’ – but says she has now come through the other side and is a ‘strong, healthy, realistic woman’.

Thrice as nice (Credit: Instagram)

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In a lengthy post underneath the three pics – which apparently show her at a size 16, size 6, and a size 10, Vicky offered up some words of wisdom about her exercise, eating and general lifestyle routine.

“I wanted to post this to show a bit of perspective guys,” she began. “In the first pic I was around a size 16, unfit, unhealthy and most importantly – regardless of my grin – I was unhappy.”

Telling it like it is (Credit: Instagram)

“In the second image I’d slimmed down with the help of my fitness DVD – I was a size 6 with no boobs and pretty much no life,” she continued, going on to add that at this stage she had become ‘obsessed’ and ‘too focused’.

“This in turn was detrimental to my health,” she added. “I wasn’t enjoying the amazing gift of life as I was too worried about the calorie content of a blueberry!”

(That sounds totally miserable, right?)

Owning it in yellow (Credit: ITV)

Vicky then went on to explain her stunning third pic – where she describes herself as being ‘around a size 10’.

“All boobs, bum and zero apology!” she wrote. “I train hard, I eat right about 80% of the time but my life doesn’t revolve around what the scales say!”

We hear you, girlfriend!

And, in her closing paragraph, Vicky – who is currently on our screens on Ex on the Beach: Beach Body SOS – totally spoke our language – by revealing that she doesn’t deprive herself of anything, and encouraging us to do the same.

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Save our sausages? (Credit: Instagram)

“I listen to my body – and when it says it wants a gin and tonic…’I GIVE IT ONE!!! I am a strong, healthy, realistic woman with a good balance of work and home life. I am in short, HAPPY. And that’s what I wanted you to know…”

She concluded: “Don’t allow your happiness to completely hinge on what the scales say!

“Be happy because you’re alive, see exercise as a celebration of what your body can do not a punishment for what you’ve ate, use food as fuel not a means to curb boredom…”

There’s all kinds of lovely cake in that London (Credit: Instagram)

“Most importantly: eat the cake once in a while… because life is for living and cake is great. Love yourselves and have a great weekend”.

We get it. Eat the cake. Wise, WISE words Vicky.

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