Vicky Pattison launches explosive Twitter rant after ‘creepy’ experience in Spain

She unleashed her fury on social media after reaching boiling point in Marbs

Vicky Pattison refused to hold back when she launched into a lengthy social media rant about paparazzi photographers following her abroad.

The former Queen of the Jungle was clearly fed up with being snapped when she took to Twitter to describe the photographers as “creepy” and accuse them of lurking around trying to catch her at her worst.

Instagram @Vicky Pattison
Vicky unleashed a furious rant on pap snappers [Credit: Instagram @Vicky Pattison]

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A clearly angry Vicky, 29, unleashed her fury on Twitter after claiming she was targeted by snappers while trying to film her new TV show in Marbella.

She raged: “I am SO SICK of these creepy Spanish pap geezers hiding in boats while I’m trying to work and film and just generally crack on…

“And of course the people buying these pictures and using them don’t want nice ones of me smiling or having a laugh, they want ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ or a ‘downcast expression’ or just me looking terrible…

“FYI, I’m dead happy, buzzing about my new show, working with a fab team and have no cares in the world other than those WEIRD GIMPS with cameras making me look grumpy and miserable!!!

“Just GET A LIFE man!!!!! Rant over!”





She did not hold back in her furious tirade [Credit: Twitter]

After calming down, the ex Geordie Shore star returned to Twitter to admit she was feeling a bit red-faced about her outburst and didn’t want to come across as ungrateful.

“Now I feel embarrassed about being a big baby,” she tweeted. “As I’m very grateful for my lovely life!!

“Having no privacy just makes me sad.”

Vicky later said she was embarrassed about her outburst [Credit: FameFlynet]
She assured fans she is very grateful for her life [Credit: Twitter]

Vicky also posted an extended explanation of her rant on Instagram, saying: “I just want to be able to have a laugh, mess around with my make-up artist, speak to my stylist, chat to all the crew and make a really good show without worrying about someone trying to make me look stupid.”

“I don’t know if many of you managed to catch my little Twitter rant but I’m a little bit embarrassed,” she said.

Instagram @Vicky Pattison
She treated herself to a cocktail after her tough day [Credit: Instagram @Vicky Pattison]

“I’m going to leave the tweets there because I feel I have to vent but I just come across as ungrateful and I’m sorry, because I’m not.

“I have a lovely life, a wonderful fiance, a great family and I’m out here making my own new show which I’m super excited about and it’s going swimmingly.

“I’m very fortunate – I’m sounding a bit smug – I’m not smug!”

Instagram @Vicky Pattison
In a better mood, she pouted up a storm after clearing up her rant [Credit: Instagram @Vicky Pattison]

Vicky clearly seemed to be in a better mood later that day when she returned to Instagram to post a sultry photo showing her pouting for the camera, before indulging in a fruity cocktail.

She joked: “Need this after today.”

And on Friday morning she was back on social media flashing a smile as she posed for a selfie with her stylist.

Instagram @Vicky Pattison
Vicky joined her stylist for a smiley selfie on Friday morning [Credit: Instagram @Vicky Pattison]

Vicky became engaged to businessman boyfriend John Noble in July when he popped the question during a country walk with his dog.

They’d originally dated eight years ago after meeting through mutual friends in Newcastle, but the romance fizzled out after six months.

Things were rekindled when they bumped into each other again on a train in 2016.

Vicky is engaged to businessman John Noble [Credit: Instagram @Vicky Pattison]

Meanwhile, Vicky has plenty on her plate work-wise.

As well as filming her new TV show in Marbs – which she’s yet to divulge details about – she’s also landed a hosting job on an upcoming series about health and lifestyle, in which she’ll help members of the public makeover their appearance.

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She’s currently the face of Ann Summers’ swimwear and released a new novel, My Sister’s Wedding, earlier this year.

Her hectic schedule means she may not miss her role on I’m A Celebrity’s spinoff show, after revealing in April she wouldn’t be returning to Extra Camp.

Busy bee!

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