Vicky Pattison forced to spend Valentine’s Day in hospital

It's not the romantic day she was hoping for...

Poor Vicky.

The Geordie brunette spent her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend John Noble in hospital.

Vicky had to seek medical attention after she was left exhausted and ‘hit hard with the flu’ on Tuesday.

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It’s no wonder she’s knackered because she’s got one heck of a work regime – TV work, exercising and promoting her Mini V Nutrition range has left her ill.

Her smitten boyf uploaded photos of her in a hospital bed, while he helped.

Uploading a snap of a tired-looking Vicky, he joked: “Not the valentines we had planned but at least shes got me 😂 ! I mean at least she’s ok ❤⛑ ❤ @vickypattison #drnoble”

In another pic, he looks hilarious in a little pinny.

He wrote: “Happy valentines 💩❤💩 @vickypattison”

The poorly lass also took to Instagram after a day spent under observation to gush about her sweet beau.

A photo of the pair of them kissing had a message underneath that read: “Happy Valentines to you all but most of all to my favourite human @johnnoblejn!!! I can’t believe we’re spending valentines in the hospital 😩😞… I’m so sorry but as long as I’m with you I am the happiest girl in the world! Love you to the moon and back… 🌙✨”

John also bought her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

She wrote: “He’s looked after me all through the night and all day, never left my side… He’s more than my boyfriend, he’s my best friend and the only man who’s ever made me feel safe and loved… @johnnoblejn! Sorry I ruined Valentine’s Day baby… I love you ❤️🌹”

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Could these two love each other any more?!

According to the MailOnline, a statement said: “Vicky has been working really hard on her fitness for a month now but the flu has hit her pretty hard this week.

“She’s in great shape but had to go to hospital today for a blood test and antibiotics to ensure she’s fighting fit again asap.”

Get well soon Vick!

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