Vegan Kit Kat UK: Piers Morgan hits out at plans for plant-based version of biscuit snack

They're coming to shelves later this year

A vegan Kit Kat is coming to the UK and Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan isn’t happy about it.

People adhering to a plant-based diet will be able to tuck into a vegan-friendly version of the popular biscuit snack later this year.

And on Twitter, GMB host Piers – a vocal critic of all things vegan – took aim at the plans for the new chocolately product.

Piers Morgan had a go at Nestlé’s plans on Twitter (Credit:

What did Piers Morgan say about the vegan Kit Kat coming to the UK?

Posting for his followers on Tuesday (February 16) afternoon, Piers said the vegan Kit Kat was “bottom of the list” of all the goodies he craves to get him through lockdown.

He wrote: “Of all the things I crave to get through lockdown, the new ‘vegan Kit Kat’ is bottom of the list… possibly lower.”

Hilariously, Nestle responded in the replies.

The vegan Kit Kat will be available in the UK later this year (Credit: Nestlé)

What did Nestlé say?

The multinational food and drink firm offered something of an ominous warning, though. It pointed out that vegan Kit Kats could be the least of the naysayers’ worries when they do eventually hit supermarket shelves.

The company tweeted back: “Well don’t worry Piers, it’s not out until later in the year and if we’re still in lockdown then, you’ll have bigger things to worry about.”

What did Piers’ followers say?

Some Twitter users agreed with Piers, while others told the daytime TV favourite to mind his own business, since he’s not a vegan.

One said: “How about you just let people who want to buy them buy one, and then you can buy the regular one and mind your own god damn business.”

Piers is a vocal critic of the vegan diet (Credit:

Another said: “Piers Morgan, ‘Why is everyone offended by everything?’ Also Piers Morgan, gets offended by Vegan KitKat.”

A third wrote: “Well, it is for vegans, same as cat food is for cats.”

A fourth agreed with Piers, writing: “Oh purleeze, what else are they going to spoil?”

Someone else said: “Pointless vegan [bleep].”

Kit Kat to follow UK success of vegan Fruit Pastilles

In a statement after the firm announced the vegan Kit Kat, Alex Gonnella, Marketing Director for Nestlé Confectionery, commented: “We have seen an incredible response to our vegan-friendly Fruit Pastilles since their launch last year, so we know how much people want to enjoy alternative versions of their favourite treats.

“The most common request we see on social media is for a vegan Kit Kat… I can’t wait for more people to try it; we think it tastes amazing!”

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