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Sunday 9th August 2020

Upside down Christmas trees become latest trend for festive period

They save space!

It seems less and less people are opting for the traditional green Christmas trees for the festive period this year.

Earlier this month, we revealed rainbow trees and sunflower trees were the latest trends with many people sharing photos of their non-traditional decorations on social media.

Now, upside down trees are the latest craze and people seem to love them.

Upside down trees are the latest Christmas craze (Credit: Argos)

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Website Christmas Tree World is selling upside trees ranging in size from 3ft to 5ft and costing from £19.99 to £65.99.

The description reads: "Make your display unique this Christmas with our hanging upside-down tree.

It’s supposed to help with space and animals who love Christmas trees.

"Perfect for hanging from the ceiling or anywhere you can hook the tree on to, this tree comes professionally strung with warm white LED lights to save you the hassle."

Meanwhile, if you want to push the boat out this Christmas, Argos is selling a 7ft upside down tree for £190.

Many festive fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on upside down trees.

Many people love upside down trees (Credit: White Stores)

One person wrote on Facebook: "This Christmas tree is drunk!"

Another said: "My upside down tree this year I love it because it's different and don't take up as much room as normal tree."

A third commented: "It’s supposed to help with space and animals who love Christmas trees."

Earlier this month, we revealed that Argos is selling rainbow Christmas trees this year.

The store is selling a 5ft tree which costs £35 and comes with a metal strand.

Many people are ditching the traditional Christmas trees this year (Credit: Pexels)

The tree is made up of six colours - purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Shoppers were quick to share their thoughts on Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, with some people not impressed with the non-traditional tree.

One person said: "That is not a Christmas tree, long live the traditional Green tree, never see any ‘Rainbow trees’ in the forests."

Another wrote: "Nah I'll keep my traditional green tree thanks that's an eye sore."

Others couldn't see why people weren't a fan and gushed over the tree.

One person who had ordered the tree wrote: "Ignoring all the negative comments... ordered mine at 3am and it arrived this afternoon with the neon baubles.... it’s so preeeeety!!! I love it!! (sic)"

Rainbow Christmas trees are now a thing (Credit: Argos)

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Sunflower Christmas trees are also another hot trend this Christmas.

Forget baubles and tinsel, the cheerful summer blooms are now being used as decorations.

"How cute!" one sunflower Christmas tree fan said, while another commented: "OMG I want it."

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