Brits slam news that unlimited booze is set to be removed from all-inclusive Spanish holidays

You'll only be allowed six drinks a day!

If you’re planning on booking an all-inclusive trip to one of the Spanish islands this summer then you may want to think again.

New laws recently passed in Majorca and Ibiza will see Brits slapped with a limit when it comes to the number of alcoholic drinks they can consume each day.

From now on, holidaymakers booking an all-inclusive holiday to certain resorts in Majorca and Ibiza will be limited to just six alcoholic drinks a day.

Your all-inclusive poolside cocktails are set to be limited if you’re off to Majorca or Ibiza (Credit: Pixabay)

The regulations will affect tourists in the popular holiday hotspots of Arenal and Magaluf in Majorca and San Antonio in Ibiza.

The new law also dictates when holidaymakers can enjoy their six drinks.

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So instead of reaching for that frozen daiquiri when the temperatures start to hot up, you’ll be allowed three free drinks at lunch and three served with an evening meal.

It is difficult to see how imposing strict rules on this type of arrangement will fix the problem of anti-social behaviour in resort.

Government bosses on the Balearic Islands want to improve the image of party resorts such as Magaluf and, as such, have also banned pub crawls and boozy promotions such as two-for-one drink offers.

However, the British Association of Travel Agents (ABTA) is asking the Spanish government to “reconsider” the new law, calling it “misdirected”.

Bosses on the Balearic Islands want to change the reputation of resorts such as Magaluf (Credit: Cover Images)

It said in a statement: “While we strongly support initiatives that improve the health and safety of holidaymakers, as well as the welfare of local communities, such as encouraging bar owners to take a more responsible approach to the sale of alcohol, we believe some of the measures announced in relation to addressing unsociable behaviour, for example targeting all-inclusive holidays, are misdirected.”

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It added: “The vast majority of holidaymakers on all-inclusives are couples and families, so it is difficult to see how imposing strict rules on this type of arrangement will fix the problem of anti-social behaviour in resort.”

The statement concluded: “We would encourage the Balearic authorities to reconsider this.”

The new alcohol limits will only apply to all-inclusive holidays in three Spanish resorts (Credit: Pixabay)

The new limit does not apply to any existing all-inclusive holidays that have already been booked, nor does it apply to other parts of the popular Spanish islands.

Twitter users were quick to respond to the news, with some calling the limit on alcohol “pathetic”.

“I have six with breakfast,” said another all-inclusive fan.

“Best of luck with that. Wouldn’t see me past midday,” another commented.

Somehow I think that tourism to Magaluf and Ibiza might go down faster than your first pint,” another concluded.

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