Union J’s Jaymi BANS Katie Price from being his bridesmaid

Boyband hunk couldn't let her steal his thunder

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Union J star Jaymi Hensley has revealed that Rylan Clark-Neal may play a very significant role at his big wedding day.

Speaking about his upcoming nuptials to long term boyfriend Olly Marmon, the handsome singer said he would love the Big Brother Bit On The Side presenter to get ordained and actually conduct the ceremony.

“Rylan – who is a very good friend – will be there but he wouldn’t be best man as my brother will be,” Jaymi told Entertainment Daily’s Andy West in one of his latest AndyVision clip.

“But I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to ordain himself and marry us. He can do it off the internet like Joey in Friends.”

However, the talented singer also admitted that there was no way he could have his other pal Katie Price being too involved on his big day.

“As much as I love her, I couldn’t have Katie Price as a bridesmaid – she’d steal my thunder. She’ll be there looking fabulous and I’ll be there in my suit. No way!”

He added: “But seriously, she’s a good friend – I went to her wedding and her blessing with Kieran.

She’s a good friend. She’s not the Katie price every one thinks. That’s Jordan.

She’s not the kind of person to go to someone’s wedding and upstage them and be centre of attention.

She’s very gracious as person and a very good friend and really lovely down to earth person

Meanwhile, Jaymi has revealed that he and fiance Olly turned down a lucrative wedding magazine deal worth hundreds of thousands because they were ORDERED to invite guests they had never met before otherwise they wouldn’t get paid.

“It just became a joke,” he’s said.

“We had to submit a guest list and say what time celebs were turning up. If they didn’t turn up they wouldn’t pay the fee.

They were big names that we didn’t have much to do with. They really wanted Rylan to be there. They wanted the boys in the band to be best men and I was like but my brother is going to be my best man.

“I said these people will be there but they are friends not celebrities.

“And then we thought we couldn’t be bothered anymore and just pulled the wedding. “

Even though they were being offered tens of thousands of pounds to share their big day pictures, he and Olly decided to pass.

“For us it wasn’t about the money. We weren’t fussed where our pics went, it just wasn’t for us. We’re not saying we won’t give out pictures to a magazine because our fans would like to see it and it’ll be nice to look back and say that was nice. But we won’t let a magazine govern it.”

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