Ulrika Jonsson hits out at Caprice in her latest column

Ulrika Jonsson hits out at ‘cringe-inducing’ Caprice over ‘never say no to sex’ with husband comments

Ulrika is fuming! Does she have a point?

Ulrika Jonsson has said she “feels embarrassed” by women like “cringe-inducing” Caprice Bourret.

Indeed, Ulrika  even labelled Caprice’s recent comments about sexually pleasing men during marriage as “dangerous”.

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The former Ladies of London star and lingerie designer, 49, said she believes wives should ‘never say no’ to their husbands when it comes to sex.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Caprice made the stunning claims.

Ulrika Jonsson hits out at Caprice over never say no to sex claims
Ulrika is unimpressed by Caprice’s married sex life advice (Credit: SplashNews)

She said: “Men are simple creatures – you feed them, give them compliments and give them sex and they are so happy.

“You can’t say ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I have a headache’ – no! Take one for the team, because it’s between five to 10 minutes of your life.”

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Much public outcry ensued, with some readers accusing Caprice’s advice of being sexist and outdated.

And now Ulrika has put in her two cents. Taking to her exclusive column in The Sun, she lashed out at the star.

What has Ulrika Jonsson said about Caprice?

Ulrika wrote: “I feel embarrassed for women like Caprice who still have such an antiquated view of gender-typical roles in a relationship.”

She added that she wonders if Caprice would give the same advice to a daughter. Indeed, the American celebrity is the mother of two sons.

Ulrika Jonsson thinks Caprice's sex advice is 'dangerous'
Ulrika says women always have the right to say no to sex (Credit: SplashNews)

Ulrika continued: “She’s blurring a very precarious line of consent.

“If she had a daughter, would she be urging her to lie back and think of England as she heads off into life to build healthy, respectful, egalitarian relationships?”

Finally, she said she hopes society doesn’t continue down this road of alleged misogyny, but instead accepts clear rules of consent between sexual partners.

Who is Caprice married to?

Caprice is married to businessman and British financier Ty Comfort. They share two sons together – Jett and Jax.

She has boasted of her rampant sex life with Ty in the past.

Caprice says she never turns down sex with husband Ty Comfort
Caprice says she never turns down sex with husband Ty Comfort (Credit: SplashNews)

A source even told the Mail Online last year that she kept busy during lockdown by having plenty of sex with her husband.

The source claimed: “Caprice is passing the time during lockdown by getting busy between the sheets with her husband Ty.

“She loved spending time with her hubby during the last lockdown and they plan to have a date night a minimum three times a week! If they can fit in more they will!”

*ED has contacted Caprice’s representative for comment.

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