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Friday 7th August 2020

Ulrika Jonsson complains of 'menopausal brain' as she shares smear test experience

The aimiable star shared her latest wacky adventures

Television personality Ulrika Jonsson shared her recent smear test experience.

The mum-of-four, 52, took to social media to lament the "new normal" as she visited the doctors.

Ulrika said she "hated" going to her appointment under lockdown restrictions.

She also said she felt "pathetic" over struggling to breathe with her face mask.

Taking to Instagram she addressed her some 100,000 followers with:

Ulrika Jonsson has a very entertaining Instagram account indeed (Credit:

"So this still happens apparently.

"My favourite words during a smear test are: “Just relax”.

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"Wore a mask for the first time and struggled a bit what with a touch of claustrophobia and regulating my breathing. Pathetic, I know. So, that’s me then, not going to the shops after 24th July.

"Hated the Dr's surgery"

"Hated the Dr’s surgery without the lovely receptionist and normal buzz of patients, frustrated mums, anxious kids and bewildered others."

She then described being confronted in Waitrose over unpaid goods.

Jokingly blaming the mishap on her "menopausal brain" she said she loves the staff there "more than my family".

The 2009 Celebrity Big Brother winner continued:

Ulrika won 2009's Celebrity Big Brother (Credit: Channel 4)

"Went to my local @waitroseandpartners on Monday. One of the managers, Brian, comes rushing up to me with a big grin on his face: 'I need to speak to you. When you were here on Friday, you left without paying!'.

"Oh, how we laughed. I mean I blushed and laughed.

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"It’s the bloody staff. I can’t stop chatting and get distracted. It’s a good job I’m a regular and love them all more than I love my family. At least I had my wallet out.... so the CCTV says.....

"Menopausal brain and all that"

"(Who’s bright idea was CCTV anyway??!?). Menopausal brain and all that."

Her wacky tales were welcomed by many of her followers.

Dozens commented that they could fully relate to her adventures.

One user remarked: "Omg Ulrika I have that same menopausal brain and I too will not be leaving the house to shop.

"In fact my Waitrose order came today .... we need a vaccine soon otherwise I will be a hermit."

Another joked: "The nurse who does my smears can never find my cervix. She says she wishes my coil had flashing lights attached to the strings so she can find it straight away."

And a third user sympathised: "My experience of the dreaded was when the nurse said “relax & drop your knees” at which pint the bed had been raised too high & my knee hit the panic button & I’m rushed all the Drs!! Luckily legs faced away from the door was the nurse jumped on my screaming it’s ok!!"

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