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Ulrika Jonsson celebrates as her daughter receives COVID-19 jab

Wonderful news!

Ulrika Jonsson has revealed her joy over her daughter, Bo, 21, receiving her COVID-19 vaccination.

Bo suffers from a heart defect, and was therefore able to get a coronavirus jab before many in her age group.

Taking in Instagram, Ulrika shared the good news, and jokingly referred to her child as ‘ungrateful’.

Sharing in view of her 134,000 Instagram followers, she posted: “For all those with full hearts, functioning hearts, borrowed hearts, broken hearts and biologically faulty hearts, this has made my heart sing.

“Ungrateful with congenital heart defect has been vaccinated. And breathe…..”

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Ulrika’s daughter is deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 by the NHS (Credit: SplashNews)

Ulrika’s fans shared her delight

This is accompanied by her daughter wearing a mask and holding up her vaccination card.

Ulrika’s fans flocked to congratulate mother and daughter on the good result.

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One user wrote: “Wonderful news! So happy for you lovely.”

A second user praised: “Really happy for you, I felt the same immense relief when my son was done.”

And a third user commented: “Gosh you must feel so relieved. Really pleased for her and you.”

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Ulrika is a proud mum of four children (Credit: SplashNews)

Bo was in A&E just last year

In addition, a fourth user posted: “The best news a loving Mum can receive today of all days.”

Just last year, Ulrika shared her devastation when Bo was rushed to A&E during lockdown.

Again taking to Instagram, the television personality posted: “Fireworks, oldest ungrateful ends up in A&E miles away and I can’t go to her. Dog vomits, twice. #happythursday.”

Back in 2009 she praised her brave daughter and wrote about coming to terms with her heart condition.

In an essay published in the Daily Mirror, Ulrika said she discovered her daughter’s condition during a sonograph.

Bo went on to have several operations as a baby and young child.

Her mother wrote: “During my five-month anomaly scan, the sonographer said he couldn’t see her heart properly.

“With a growing baby kicking inside me, I didn’t for a second think there was anything to worry about – I presumed she was stubborn like me and just lying in the wrong position!

She added: “But on a return visit it was confirmed that she had a serious heart defect – double inlet left ventricle – which would kill her if left untreated.”

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