Weather: Brits warned to stay indoors and obey lockdown as UK experiences mini heatwave this weekend

Don't forget the social distancing measures

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Brits are facing a renewed warning to stay indoors despite the weather and comply with the coronavirus lockdown this weekend as the UK experiences a mini heatwave.

Despite a week of grey skies and chillier temperatures, conditions this weekend are set to pick up – with thermometers rising as high as 20C in places.

On the Met Office’s website, it gives as an outlook for Saturday to Monday: “Mostly dry through the weekend with sunny spells. Becoming warm, but also windy.

Weather: Brits warned to stay indoors as UK experiences mini heatwave this weekend
Brits face warnings to stay indoors this weekend as the UK experiences a mini heatwave (Credit: Met Office)

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“Outbreaks of rain moving east later Sunday and into Monday, with sunshine and showers following.”

The organisation’s more detailed weather map shows as mostly cloudy across the UK on Saturday (April 4) lunchtime. Temperatures then will average around 10C.

Patches of sunshine will break out across the South East of England later in the afternoon.

On Sunday (April 5), much of the South East and East of England will be bathed in sunshine. Temperatures throughout the UK will lift to between 13 and 19C, even touching 20C in places, according to one Met Office forecaster who spoke to The Sun.

Weather: Brits warned to stay indoors as UK experiences mini heatwave this weekend
Temperatures will rise as high as 19C on Sunday (Credit: Met Office)

On Twitter, Good Morning Britain star Laura Tobin tweeted about conditions over the weekend. She also warned Brits not to use the warmer weather as an excuse to step outside unnecessarily.

Laura wrote: “Big temperature change this weekend. Much milder, which is good and bad.

“It’s the start of the Easter holidays. Warm weather would normally be great news for parents and children to go and run around outside.

“But we can’t, we need to stick to our #onceaday exercise, then #StayAtHome.”

The warning comes amid reports of Brits appearing to struggle to adhere to the government’s lockdown rules.

Last month, police in London released a video of them telling people relaxing in a park to go home.

An officer in the clip posted on Twitter could he heard saying, via megaphone: “It’s not a holiday, it’s a lockdown, which means you don’t just come here and sunbathe. Can you please just leave.”

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Police in the West Midlands likewise had to break up more than 20 people at a barbecue.

Since then, cops across the country have had to clamp down on gatherings as people continue to ignore the social distancing measures.

One force even had to break up a karaoke party attended by more than 25 people.

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