UK fuel crisis

UK fuel crisis memes that will take your mind off the chaos for five minutes 

The government is urging people to stop panic buying

The UK is currently being gripped by an alleged fuel crisis that has sent the country into chaos, but is it real?

Many UK petrol stations were left dry over the weekend due to panic buying, according to many retailers.

It comes despite companies including BP and Shell insisting that there is plenty of fuel and urging the public to fill up as normal.

While the chaos continues to spread, we thought a little break might be good for everyone.

So in the spirit of British humour, here are some of the funniest responses to the crisis on social media.

UK fuel crisis
The media reports have many people wondering if the fuel shortage is even real (Credit:

UK fuel crisis: All the best memes

From comparisons to last year’s toilet roll shortage to gloating from those with electric cars, a crisis always seem to bring out the best of British humour.

Here’s the best of the bunch so far from Twitter…

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What is the reason for the fuel shortage in the UK and is it real?

Firstly, there is no actual shortage of fuel.

Instead, there is just a shortage of fuel inside petrol pumps.

There is a shortage of lorry drivers that has meant there have been restrictions to the amount of fuel being distributed around the country.

However, following a wave of media reports, the reaction of many motorists has been to panic buy to avoid any potential shortages.

With thousands rushing to pumps up and down the country, the shortages have now become a reality of sorts.

“There isn’t a shortage,” Environment Secretary George Eustice said on Monday (September 27). “The most important thing is that people just buy petrol as they normally would.

“This would have been entirely manageable had we not seen lots of media coverage around the fact there were shortages – and then a public reaction to that.”

Meanwhile, as the UK embarks on the fourth day of the crisis, the army has reportedly been enlisted to help.

According to The Times, up to 150 military tanker drivers will deliver to petrol stations in the coming days.

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