Uh-oh. James Arthur has been causing a stir on Twitter again

Fans baffled by his post

James Arthur has teased his fans about his upcoming video, with a very strange Twitter post.

Without going into detail he simply tells fans to “stay tuned” for his new video.

And then makes a strange noise.

The tease sent his Twitter fans into a frenzy, mentioning everything from their excitement for the video, to how much they love his geek-chic specs.

The Say You Won’t Let Go singer’s post came a day after he performed at an exclusive event hosted by The Sun.

Answering questions from fans during a Q&A session he said the time between being dropped by Simon Cowell’s record firm and reaching number one again allowed him “find himself” and deal with mental health troubles.

And he titillated his followers further still as he suggested he was ready to put out a new album pretty soon.

After the release of Back From The Edge, he said: “I’ve got so much left over from the last album. I could put out another two albums.

He jokingly added: “And I’d like to win some awards to validate it.”