Uh-oh, is Jesy Nelson’s new fella all he’s cracked up to be?

No, we can't take any more Little Mix heartbreak thanks guys (except that it does produce excellent songs.. hmm, dilemma)

There’s a bit of a theme at the moment with girls we love choosing guys who are then deemed massive love rats. We refer you to exhibit A: Camilla from Love Island and to exhibit B: Jesy from Little Mix.

Fans were excited when pictures emerged of Jesy on a loved-up holiday to Mykonos with her new bloke, musician Harry James Byart. Yes! This was it! A good fella! Hold fire, we’ll come back to that.

But first, a bit of history. Harry used to be known as rapper Fugative but then relaunched himself as a singer, songwriter and producer under his real name. So while he doesn’t get mobbed in the street, he has had a little taste of fame, pre-dating Jesy.

Formerly Fugitive, now Harry, next… most recent Little Mix love rat? (Credit: Instagram)

But back to that decent fella part – there’s a bit of a problem there.

Because this weekend Harry’s ex has come out to say that he cruelly dumped her out of the blue only two weeks before he planned a holiday with Jesy – making her suspect they had already been talking when she was with him – and accusing him of being fame hungry. Whoa.

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The pair had been together for two years.

Gabrielle-Louise Dalligan apparently told friends: “Jesy should be careful. Harry isn’t a trustworthy person. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that he was going behind my back.”

One of Gabrielle’s friends told The Sun On Sunday: “At the end of April, after a minor row, he completely ghosted her. He blocked her on social media, and refused to answer her calls or text messages.

Jesy with her ex Chris Clark (Credit: Instagram)

“Then in mid-May she heard he was going on holiday. She was led to believe it was with a friend. But it obviously turned out to be Jesy.”

The friend also said that fame is “all he’s ever wanted”.

Jesy is dating Harry after breaking up with TOWIE’s Chris Clark, who allegedly ended their relationship via text. Chris is now back with his ex and co-star Amber.

Get working on that love rat song, girls (Credit: Wenn)

A source told The Sun that although it’s early days, there was a definite spark between Harry and Jesy when they were on holiday together recently in Mykonos.

“Jesy looked very happy with Harry – they were completely smitten with each other, giggling and taking photos as they tried on different sunglasses,” the source said.

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“They have a lot in common with Harry also in the music industry – he’s definitely Jesy’s type.”

Oh god, we have everything crossed. But worst case, we could live with the release of Shout Out To My Ex, Part 2…

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