this morning puppy saved from dog meat farm

Puppies saved from dog meat farms spark row between This Morning viewers

Would you eat dog meat?

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Two adorable pups who appeared on This Morning have unwittingly sparked a furious debate between animal lovers.

While the dogs were saved from becoming meat, some viewers called out the “hypocrisy” in refusing to eat dog meat, when many still choose to eat beef, chicken, lamb and pork.

Eamonn and Ruth This Morning
Eamonn and Ruth introduced the controversial segment on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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In today’s episode of the ITV morning show, hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford introduced us to Pip Tomson and Claire Bass, who recently helped free nine animals from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

Pip, who has adopted two of the nine canines, appeared on the show with her Maltese spaniel Robin, while Claire bought in her adopted retriever Henry.

Dog meat segment on This Morning
Do you think it is wrong to eat dog meat? (Credit: ITV)

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Pip and Claire described the horrifying conditions their pets endured before being rescued and bought to the UK.

She said: “The smell, the sound, the first thing you hear is the sound of dogs barking. They are in tiny wired cages with wired floors; they don’t have a water bowl to drink from. They are given restaurant waste to eat.

“It is so uncomfortable for them, for their paws on that wired floor, that I found dogs sitting in their food bowls just to get a little bit of respite. It was horrific.”

This Morning dogs dog meat
Pip and Claire appeared with their newly-adopted dogs (Credit: ITV)

However, while no one denied that rescuing the dogs was the right thing to do, many viewers called out the “hypocrites” who treat dogs differently to other animals.

One fan cried: “Why are people so horrified by dog farms but not about eating any other animal? All animals want love and feel fear & pain. Why love one but eat the other. If this was a vegan on #thismorning people would be mocking them. It’s ludicrous.”

Another said: “People who eat meat and act all disgusted by ‘dog meat farms’ are hypocrites.”

A third added: “As horrific as it is hearing about the dog meat farms on #ThisMorning , I am struggling to humanely see a difference between farming dogs for meat and farming pigs/chickens/cows for their meat? How are we so desensitized to their pain and deaths?”

“It’s horrific what happens to dogs, in dog-meat-eating countries,” said one more. “But let’s not be hypocritical and act like farm animals in the UK such as cows, pigs, etc dont feel the same pain and suffering the dogs do. Culture/tradition is NOT an excuse for cruelty.”

Other fans insisted there’s a difference, with one saying: “The treatment of the dogs and cats are skinned and boiled alive. Animals here are not. And no. I don’t eat meat. #ThisMorning.”

One viewer declared that Pip and Claire deserved MBE’s for their work saving dogs and NOT football players.

Luckily, Robin and Henry were oblivious to the furious debate they had caused and were just thinking about where their next doggie treat was coming from.

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