Two major EastEnders characters could be on their way back

Ross Kemp and Ned Porteous, who plays his on-screen son, could be back in Walford

Ned Porteous, who played Mark Fowler Jnr in EastEnders last year, could be making his way back to the soap – and his on-screen dad Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) could be joining him.

“I might be coming back to Eastenders and Ross wants to return,” Ned revealed. “With Danny Dyer on a break the show needs a bad boy.”

Ned has spoken about how much he loves working with Ross. “He’s the most interesting man I think I’ve ever met in my life,” he said. “He’s just the epitome of cool.”

Ross returned to the soap twice last year – once in May and then again in September.

Mark was born as the result of Michelle Fowler and Grant Mitchell’s one-night stand in 1995 – but the identity of his father was only revealed in last year’s shocking episodes.

Mark turned up at the home of his uncle Martin Fowler, played by James Bye, last August and stayed for 13 episodes.

Ned explained that Mark had come to Walford to get some answers about his father.

“Mark is in the second year of college on a summer vacation, and he decides to take his little break in Walford,” he said.

“He’s received some information from his family… He receives an interesting phone call from Phil, and the next thing, he jumps on a plane.”

A show insider added: “Mark Jr is coming to London in search of answers. But should he be careful what he wishes for? And will that dangerous Mitchell side come to the surface?”

Ned spoke about his happiness of joining the show last year.  “Being part of two iconic families and the longest kept secret in EastEnders history is beyond exciting!,” he said.

“I’m honoured to be here and can’t wait for viewers to properly meet Mark Jr.”

Ned, who trained at the Guildford School of Acting, has also appeared in Holby City, Suspects and Delicious.

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