Two Corrie stars leave in one night – but will they be back on the cobbles?

Don't be sad for too long, they might return...

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After the death of Kylie in Corrie, viewers have been keen for David Platt to find love again.

And for the past few weeks, it looked like he and Shona were beginning to take a shine to each other.

Until Friday’s episode, that is.

Shona told David that she was the mum of the man who killed Kylie (Credit: ITV)

As the pair chatted in a graveyard, Shona decided to come clean and tell him who she really is.

And what a shocker it was.

She revealed that she was the mother of Clayton Hibbs – the man who killed Kylie.

Clearly smitten by David, Shona desperately tried to appease the increasingly angry David who felt hurt that she had kept her true identity a secret from him all this time.

“I never meant for things to get this far and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you and the kids,” she pleaded.

“I felt bad about who you were once I found out. I tried to back off!”

Shona begged David not to be angry with her (Credit: ITV)

But David wasn’t having any of it and demanded that she get out of his life.

“It was bad enough the day that you spewed that mongrel out into the world but then worming your way into our life, knowing what he had done, that – I can’t forgive.”

A visibly upset Shona tried to make amends: “You’re right. I shouldn’t have stayed and I can’t pretend I didn’t have chances to go.”

She added that without expecting it she had grown close to him.

“At first I thought it was pity, ” she told him. “I told myself I was trying to make up for what Clayton did. I told myself all sorts. But it changed nothing. I’d fallen for you.”

David was furious that Shona had hidden her true identity (Credit: ITV)

But her words fell on deaf ears and David stormed off.

Viewers took to social media to express their disappointment that David had turned his back on Shona and hoped they’d get it on.

One said: “I hope David gets with her anyway because you can’t blame a mother for their child and she’s been so nice to them recently @itvcorrie.”

Meanwhile, there was more drama on the cobbles as Daniel Osbourne overheard his mum Denise suggest that she had regretted having children because she would have loved to have travelled more. Not the thing a kid wants to hear from their mum, eh?

Daniel Osbourne overheard his mum suggest she wished she hadn’t had kids (Credit: ITV)

An angry Daniel confronted his mother and told to leave.

“Only this morning you told me that abandoning me was the worst mistake of your life…,” he said to her. “And now it’s the best thing you’ve ever done?”

Daniel told his mum leave (Credit: ITV)

While Denise agreed to leave she told Ken that she would be nearby to help Daniel if and when he needed her.

So that’s two street favourites heading out of Weatherfield. Which of them will be back?