Two classic characters return to Hollyoaks

Hot 90s couple Mandy and Luke are back with a bang!

We love it when old faces rock up to a soap again.

Not only does it mean we get to see some of our old favourite characters again, it’s interesting to see where they are now and what they’ve turned into.

A few weeks ago we revealed that Hollyoaks – like the rest of the soaps – was set to be awash with some classic characters returning home.

The latest star set to return to the ever-so dramatic village is Sarah Jayne Dunn, who played Mandy Richardson for ten years.

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She will star alongside Gary Lucy, who also returns and used to play her on-screen boyfriend Luke Morgan.

According to The Sun, the gorgeous actress has just signed a six month deal with the drama and was spotted filming on set last week.

“It’s great having Sarah and Gary back on set, they’ve brought a whole new energy with them,” a set source snitched.

“Mandy and Luke are Hollyoaks icons, it’s a real boost to have the pair of them come home to the village.

“Fans are going to to see how the dynamic between them has changed after all these years apart, and bosses have planned some huge storylines with them at the heart.”

The source also teased that that executive producer Brian Kirkwood is planning on bringing back some more old faces.

Mandy first appeared on our screens way back in October 1996 as a glam schoolgirl who dreamt of being a model.

She left the village after her baby died due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but returned again in 2008 and was involved in major storylines with Warren Fox.

Fans of a certain age of the old soap will remember that Mandy and Luke were the hot soap couple of the 90s, but broke up after he found it difficult to get over being raped by Mark Gibbs.

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But after that relationship bit the dust, Mandy went on to snog Darren Osbourne, and even marry Tony Hutchinson – so she’s clearly a gal with a past!

Speaking on a Facebook live from the Hollyoaks set today, Sarah teased: “Mandy will come back with a big secret and come to reignite her relationship with the Cunninghams.

“They’ll be shocked to learn some new things about her.”

“It’s so nice to be back, I’m really, really thrilled.”

And so are we, Sarah, so are we!

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