Two Apprentice contestants leave in shock circumstances

Wow! We didn't expect to see them go!

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Oh my God! The Apprentice has become the must-watch show on the box.

There are more too-ings and fro-ings on this latest series of the business reality experiment than a Sugababes line up

And that’s a LOT!

This week viewers were stunned when wishy washy candidate Aleksandra King quit the show before the task had even begun. What a wuss, eh?

The 38-year-old mother-of-three said she wanted to leave because she missed her family.

“The work, life balance was off,” she said. “Since when is that an admirable business skill? It is not on any level.

“The contact that I was allowed with my family was really very limited to the point where it was just not acceptable for me.”

But the awkwardly-spelt Aleksandra wasn’t the only departure form this week’s excellent show. So too did suave, swankily dressed and kind-of-cute Mukai Noiri.

The bow-tie wearing business brain was fired after his Team Nebula only managed to sell £4,371 worth of luxury goods to Team Titan’s £5,259.

In the boardroom Lord Sugar told Muaki that he “didn’t have the potential of being my business partner.”

In spite of her sudden departure, Alexsandra said she respected the business mogul and said that the crinkly old DEVIL reminded her somewhat of her dad1

“I don’t want to really do things his way” she admitted. . “I want to do them my way, I want to be the boss of my boardroom. Lord Sugar is very similar to my father. I’m used to dealing with his type.”

She also angrily hit back at Lord Sugar’s suggestion that she had left the show because she was “homesick”

“I wouldn’t say it’s homesick,’ she told Press Association. “I would just say it is a basic sort of wanting to know your family is OK.”

She added: “I think his feelings were a little bit hurt initially because I’m saying no to him.”

However, the wavy haired business wannabe said as she hit the road, “You’re going to see a lot more of me around. Watch this space. I’m on a mission now – watch out for Alexsandra King.” Er… okay!

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