Twitter in meltdown as Piers Morgan calls guest on Good Morning Britain a D***

The dating guru's name is Richard...

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Say what you like about Piers Morgan, but sometimes he calls things that are so spot-on with viewers they want to reach through their TV screens and shake his hand.

And the majority were slapping his back this morning as he put a guest in his place.

Silence fell and you could almost hear the gasps in the gallery as Piers said to dating guru Richard la Ruina: “You’re a d***, aren’t you.”

He then qualified his comment by adding: “Well you are, your name’s Richard, literally, sorry I didn’t mean anything by that I mean your name’s Richard.”

Richard. Not Dick (Credit: ITV)

But we all knew what he was getting at…

GMB was obviously expecting the ‘love expert’ to ruffle a few feathers, as both Piers and co-host Charlotte Hawkins warned on Twitter that the interview would be a little spicy.

Richard believes that British women are overweight, entitled and moan a lot – and our men would be much happier picking a wife from eastern Europe.

He found his own bride in Russia.

Richard with his Russian bride (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were tripping over their fingers, mostly to praise Piers…

The forthright presenter put Richard on the spot by asking him to critique Susanna, Charlotte and their guest Felicity Morse.

He refused, saying he didn’t wish to offend them (which kind of says what he thinks about them anyway…).

Piers’ parting shot was to tell Richard that it’s a good job he married abroad as he’d never get sex in Britain again.

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