Boris Johnson outside Downing Street

Boris Johnson being ‘snubbed’ by world leaders getting the Twitter rinsing it deserves

At this point, the PM is a walking meme!

Boris Johnson has gone viral again on Twitter following a rather awkward moment with fellow world leaders.

The Prime Minister attended a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday.

However, footage has emerged on social media appearing to show Mr Johnson being ‘ignored’ by world leaders at the summit.

And, of course, Twitter users were quick to share their reactions to the awkward moment.

What happened with the PM?

One user shared a video of Mr Johnson looking around as fellow world leaders shake hands and talk with each other.

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At one point, the PM looks around with his hands in his pockets as a group of other world leaders greet each other.

However, none of them approach Mr Johnson.

Boris Johnson outside Downing Street
Twitter exploded with reactions to Mr Johnson (Credit:

Twitter reactions to Boris Johnson ‘snub’

It wasn’t long before Twitter exploded with reactions, with many calling the moment “awkward”.

One person said: “Future Mastermind question… ‘Which pockets aren’t designed for the human hand, as comically displayed by bumbling oaf Boris Johnson at the NATO world leader summit in 2022?'”

Another person added American singer Akon’s hit track Lonely over the footage of Mr Johnson.

The song says: “Lonely, I’m Mr Lonely. I have nobody for my own. I’m so lonely, I’m Mr Lonely.”

Many others branded Mr Johnson “Billy no-mates”.

One person tweeted, “Global Britain’s Johnny No-Mates,” alongside the footage.

Another wrote: “LOL. We’ve seen Billy No Mates being completely blanked by everyone.”

The tweet was accompanied by two men laughing.

Meanwhile, someone else said: “Others stand there patiently and Boris acts like he is standing at the bus stop.”

Another wrote: “Stood looking like Benny Hill whilst everyone else greets each other…”

Another person shared an edited version of the footage as a song sang “nobody likes me” over the top.

Another Twitter user also posted the footage with music.

More memes

Meanwhile, another laughed: “He looks like he’s waiting for a taxi.”

One added: “Hands in pockets. Billy no mates in the playground.”

Boris Johnson news

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Mr Johnson shared a tweet about his attendance at the NATO summit.

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Boris Johnson Attend NATO SUMMIT 2021 In Brussels
Mr Johnson attended a NATO summit in Brussels (Credit:

It read: “I’m at @NATO where I’ll be urging our allies and partners to step up military and economic support to Ukraine, strengthening their defences as they turn the tide in this fight.

“We cannot and will not stand by while Russia grinds Ukraine’s towns and cities into dust.”

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