TV show claims it can solve the Missing Maddie mystery

After ten years, are we finally set to discover the truth about the 3-year old's disappearance?

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Could we be closer to finding out what really happened to missing Madeleine McCann?

Well, that’s what an Australian TV show is promising when it airs at the weekend.

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All week the Channel 7 in Australia have been trailing the show that boasts that the ‘landmark Television event’  will include major new developments and reveal new information for the very first time.

A documentary crew Down Under  for current affairs show Sunday Night say they have unearthed a fresh lead into the youngster’s disappearance and will reveal all on telly this weekend.

The documentary looks like it has been well researched as the team behind have spoken to many people who were on the case.

Among others interviewed on the show is the original lead investigator Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese policeman later taken off the case.

US criminal profiler Pat Brown will also discuss elements of the case, who recently insisted that Maddie is “dead” and that her body has been moved to a “desolate location” and will never be found.

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Forensic scientist Dave Barclay also takes part on the show and says the case “the most baffling” he’s ever looked at.

It’s ten years since Maddie’s disappearance. She’d be 13 years old.