TV legend says he wants Piers Morgan to disappear

Viewers and a TV legend are fed up of waking up to Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar are still going at it on Twitter like pair of kids pigtail pulling in the playground!

You know what we mean. They say mean things to each other, but you know deep down they like each other a lot.

This time Lord Sugar has given Piers a pinch and run away giggling, after tweeting that he wishes the Good Morning Britain anchor (yes, we said anchor) had been made to vanish

It’s after the legendary American magicians, Penn and Teller performed a trick on the show.

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The somewhat bitter Lord Sugar was disappointed and tweeted: “Disappointed Ben and Teller did not make Piers Morgan disappear.”

“Ben”? Alan, that’s the kind of sloppy mistake you’d fire someone for on The Apprentice.

Anyway, he’s probably not the only one wishing Morgan would pop and vanish, after a string of controversial tweets, comments and interviews.

Earlier this week Piers angered viewers by talking over Good Morning Britain guest Chuka Umunna halfway through his interview.

Last week he tweeted that men with mental health problems should “man-up” after Princes William and Harry shared the strain the death of their mother, Diana, had taken on their lives.

Lord Sugar’s unfulfilled wish for Piers to disappear was backed up by his followers.

One named Owen replied: “They are only magicians, not exorcists.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Piers addressed the tweets, reading them live on air after the adverts and said he’d track Owen down.

Susanna Reid was, as ever, tutting and disapproving of the business impresario and the former newspaper editor.

She said: “I think people cross a line into cruelty.”

Do you think she gets tired of playing his on-screen mum instead of his co-host?

Other tweeters also took in to poor Piers. One posted: “We want him to disappear permanently.”

“Can they make Piers Morgan disappear?” added another.

A third said: “They’re good but not THAT good.”

“No one’s that lucky. Morgan will survive a nuclear holocaust… king of the cockroaches,” laughed another.

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Do you think Piers goes to his dressing room and sheds a tear reading those tweets? We doubt it! But If he does then by his own standards maybe he should take his own advice and “man-up”.

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