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TV host causes outrage with comments about “tattooed fatties from Plymouth”

Well he didn't hold back!

Food critic and TV host Giles Coren has been blasted for his comments calling Plymouth’s locals “tattooed fatties” in a review of a new restaurant.

Giles took celebrity friend Sue Perkins to a restaurant in Mothecombe Beach, and although he enjoyed the food very much he did not enjoy sharing the once private beach with others.

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Giles is known for his shows on BBC and for reviewing restaurants worldwide (Credit: BBC America)

The beach has been made public, after Giles had been enjoying the private beach for five years, and he was upset that he had to share the stunning seaside with locals.

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He gave The School House cafe a great review but went into a controversial rant about some of the people he now has to share the beach with.

He wrote in his review: “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. And whether he giveth and taketh in exactly the way that you were hoping for is not up to you.

Credit: BBC
Giles and Sue Perkins used to present a BBC show together and are friends (Credit: BBC)

“Only recently, for example, he tooketh away the beautiful private beach in Devon where I have holidayed for the past five Julys and ‘gavethed’ it to the general public.

“And I was gutted, because I now have to share the beach with a load of tattooed fatties day-tripping from Plymouth, with their barbecues and their loud music and their pikey tents and windbreaks and their swearing and their topless sunbathing and their rank, loutish littering.

“But on the plus side, he ‘gavethed’ me in return a restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking that beach.”

Credit: The Times
Many readers were outraged by Giles’ comments (Credit: The Times)

It’s not surprising that a lot of people took offence to Giles’ name-calling, and some branded him a “snob”. One angry reader commented on his article saying: “What a snob you are Giles. There are a lot of lovely folk living in Plymouth.

“They are also the ones who will use the restaurants down here out of holiday season and enable them to keep trading. If you can’t bear to be on the same beach as them then maybe you should take your July holiday elsewhere.”

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Another commented on the review: “Is this really what you think of ordinary holidaymakers – keen to enjoy the Devon countryside and beaches, and just as entitled to as you are? You sound truly awful.”

Oh, dear Giles, it looks like he’s made a few enemies.

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