TV beauty Sam Faiers reveals secret battle with boils on her skin

She has been left with a number of unwanted scars

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Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers has opened up about the skin disease that left her with ‘boils and scars’ across her body.

The 25-year-old has revealed that her battle with Crohn’s disease left her with a number of unwanted scars.

Her fight to control the disease became very public during her spell in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Sam has now shared the news that she is on top of the disease now but is still working to repair her skin.

In a post on her YouTube channel, Sam said: “When I first got Crohn’s disease, my skin came out in boils which left a couple of scars.

“I’ve tried facials and creams to try and get rid of the scarring and nothing has worked for me.”

After trying a number of treatments, Sam revealed that rosehip oil has been great and now swears by it.

She continued: “I literally can’t live without it. I was actually reading an interview with Rosie Huntington-Whitely and she said how she used rosehip oil on her skin so from that day onwards I have too.

“It’s 100 per cent organic and I use it day and night.

“My skin has never been better.

“It revitalises your skin, makes you look radiant and healthy and I get so many compliments on my skin now.”

Her openness about her skin problems has come after praise from This Morning viewers after she breastfed baby Paul, live on This Morning.

Sam had been stuck in traffic and was feeding Paul before the show went live, and to make sure she could keep her slot, she decided to keep feeding.

She sat with baby Paul under a blanket as she fed him while chatting with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The 25-year-old explained she didn’t have time to do it on her way to the studios, making it clear it was her choice to do so and not the requirement of the show.

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Shockingly, nobody complained (which makes a nice change) and many viewers took to Twitter to praise her and the ITV daytime show.

One wrote: “Good for you @thismorning showing breastfeeding on the television and good for Sam Faires! What a beautiful little boy! #This Morning [sic]”.

Another added: “@SamanthaFaiers so much respect for Sam feeding live on #thismorning #breastisbest”.

Sam appeared on the show to speak about her new ITVBE show The Mummy Diaries.

She said: “Paul and I want five children.

“We don’t want too long a gap between babies, but I want to wait until we’re married.”

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The blonde beauty also revealed that she doesn’t miss being on TOWIE and that she is planning on moving away from Essex.

“We haven’t found anywhere yet. We’ve been looking in the Surrey area.

“I will miss living so close to my mum and sister but it’s not too far away.”

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