Troubled Jahmene Douglas releases shock new look and odd message

The X Factor star recently opened up about feeling suicidal

Jahmene Douglas has unveiled a shocking new look – and there is a much deeper meaning behind his transformation.

The 26-year-old has switched up his signature dark curls for a bleach blond look.

And he’s even taken it a step further and made his eyebrows lighter – and popped in a pair of blue contact lenses.

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But looking past the transformation the singer put across a much more serious motive.

He captioned the picture: “Is it right to have an exclusive BlueEyedSoul genre?

“Especially if it dominates the Top 40 & Excludes people like me.Shouldn’t soul be soul?”

In a second post on Twitter the star showed off his dramatic look alongside a message suggesting there are racial issues in the music industry.

He wrote: “If only my brown eyes were blue…would the radio support me like they’re supposed to?”

Fans were quick gush over the star’s new look.

One wrote: “@Jahmene you look beautiful no matter the colour of your hair or skin. The inner you is beautiful.”

“@Jahmene you shouldn’t bring yourself down like this Jahméne because you’re amazing and talented,” another said.

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His bold new look comes after the X Factor finalist opened up about his battle with depression.

The soul singer had us all worried after posting about his ‘suicidal thoughts’.

In a alarming letter to his devoted fans Jahmene wrote: “My mind is plagued with suicidal thoughts whenever my defences are down.

“I feel so broken, lost and worthless. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I try to fix myself, who I talk to or what I put in place it always comes back to this.”

Ending the heartbreaking letter he said: An important thing to remember for those who may not understand this is… I didn’t choose suicide, it chose me.

“I was tired of pretending. You should always call the Devil out by his name to drag him out. I know this is down to me and only me to fix – with God.”